I'm Safely Ensconced at Mom's


It was a long and miserable road trip but that’s mostly because Feline Overlord objects to traveling. She expresses her objections by howling, quite loudly, the entire way. Nothing can make her stop not even drugs professionally administered by vets. She just shakes off those pesky narcotics and makes with the howling. Yelling back, spritzing her in the face with water, and begging for mercy have no affect on her. So I just let her howl.

(Btw, Cowardly Boy Cat simply cowers quietly. He is the perfect traveling companion.)

Fortunately mom had aspirin ready. She also had coffee. Also six different kinds of home made cookies. Two different kinds of homemade fudge. There was chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove. One of the neighbors had dropped off a dozen tamales before my arrival. (I said one time, four years ago that tamales at Christmas was the best tradition ever and there have been tamales ever since.) Another neighbor dropped off a pecan pie as I was unloading my stuff.

There would probably be all of these goodies waiting for me even if I didn’t have to endure hours of kitty temper tantrums. But I gotta say they do make it easier to face the trip here. The trip back is just as hard and there are no goodies at the end of it. But that’s ok because I usually gain 14.7 pounds while I’m with mom. After this trip I’ll need to be on a diet of water and air.

In other news that might make you smile, Gentleman J liked his scarf very much. He called the next day to say thank you. He emailed today to say thank-you a second time. He says handmade gifts are so very special and that he’ll be wearing his scarf on Christmas Eve.

So we all know what that means…I be making him more in the future. When we find someone who values what we can make we bury them in yarn-y goodness. Right? I’ll have to ask Granny Ravelry what to make him next.

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Season. Hope Santa brings you everything you asked for.


P.S. No, I’m not sharing my tamales. Or my cookies. Or the fudge. You think those 14.7 pounds are just going to put themselves on my thighs?

P.S.S. No pictures in this post because I haven’t unpacked the camera yet. What can I say except that I’m a baddie. Pictures will be coming. I promise!


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I’m glad you made it safely in spite of your feline overlord. You should learn to share- ’tis the season! Merry Christmas to you and your mom.


Ah ha! You just want a cookie! Maybe…. but only if you don’t tell anyone I let ya have some. We don’t want the others to come sniffing around.

Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!


It’s worse when the meds wear off during the trip. My howlers usually exhaust themselves at some point and fall asleep. Glad you made it safely and would like a tamale, but understand I will not be getting one. Merry Christmas


Lol. Well I’m GLAD to know I’m not the only one with howling pissed off babies! Hope your Christmas is full of wonder and joy and kitty love.


Recipes, So do those tasty Tamales ever come with a recipe? Never realized, but understandable, your cats went along! I have got to explore The Big Bend Area some day sooon. No knitter can resist a thankful recipient of our hand work. Merry Christmas to You, Your Mother, and those two Fur Babies! I have got to get used to using my camera and adding pictures to my emails, etc.. For now my android smartphone is waaay to easy. ♡


A tamale recipe would do me no good at all. I have tried and failed to make tamales many, many times. I am destined to be an appreciator and designated eater of tamales but not a maker of them. I’m ok with that. 🙂

Still I’ll ask and see if she is willing to part with the recipe. If she says yes, I’ll post it!