The Gentle Art of Dressing a Furry Loved One


Mom has two animals that allow themselves to be stuffed into silly outfits. I try to take advantage of that every year.

Dandy is his Name… and His Attitude

If you are a regular reader of this blog, than you know that I am thoroughly cowed by my Feline Overlord. I won’t ask her to wear a hat. I know better than that. For the record, I did try once, years ago. It went about as well as you would expect and I was punished with revenge kitty-puking for a few days. Also, for that record, I attempted to stuff Cowardly Boy Cat into a witch hat for one Halloween. Poor baby was traumatized and had to live under the bed for a while.

But mom has a cat that you can dress up as much as you like. Blog, meet Dandy, a very  laid back kitty.

Mom does have a second cat, The War Kitten. War Kitten has no time for silly cat clothes, having her picture taken, or entertaining humans in general. Mostly she patrols the home looking for something that needs subduing.

But Dandy just lays around. Running away requires effort and he is not into putting out effort. So you can do this to him.

And this.

And even this.

Yep, those are the Mini Christmas Stockings. I knew they would make awesome kitty socks.

The Great Beast and Her Fancy Dress

Mom also has The Great Beast and I dress her up too. Great Beast is a pure-bred white labrador that tops 100 lbs. Her lineage is 100% show dog and her attitude is 100% barbarian. Great Beast is almost always dirty and covered in the scent of some dead thing she found to roll in and therefore one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet. For Great Beast, every day is the-best-day-ever.

Last year I crocheted the barbarian princess dog a Christmas dress with matching leg warmers. The hat, shown here is not mine. But it is super cute and comes with a fetching ribbon that you can tie (tightly) under her chin. that ribbon is the key I tell ya.

Isn’t she beautiful? She loves getting dressed up because she thinks its form of cuddling.  She takes it as an open invitation to repeatedly blow her (great big) nose on the person wrestling her into her outfit. I can bundle her in and out of clothes as much as I like but truthfully the snot and the dead-thing smell can be a little overwhelming. But at least once, she has to get gussied up and have her picture taken.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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This is to die for ROFLOL funny! The beard is beyond cute! I can’t imagine the smells to dress the Great Beast. ♡ Merry Christmas to You and Your Mother!


I love the kitty socks I’m going to make some for molly malone. Her current joy is turning a chair cover into strings which I’m sure she wants to devour. Clipping her nails doesn’t help as she promptly reshapens them.

I can relate to that! Trying to do the right thing by my Great Dane, I decided to make him a snazzy reversible coat, nice warm fleece on one side, waterproof plaid in a nice masculine black and white on the other. I managed to wrestle my 200 lb master of passive resistance into his new togs so I could take his picture. The result was a portrait of a dog with his head drooping, tail tucked between his legs, looking like a prisoner of war hauled out for a mug shot. And praying that none of the neighbours or… Read more »