Happy New Year and How About We Have a Poll


Its Thursday so that means a poll. Its also New Years. That means I’m thinking about promises and resolutions and making grand plans for becoming a more organized, more efficient, super-human.


Some of my resolutions are about setting aside more time for prayer and more money for charity. Those will probably get done. Some of my resolutions are about improving personal health by eating less junk and getting more excessive. Those might get done. Then there is the resolution to do a better job with the housework and cleaning. That won’t get done at all. Who am I trying to kid here?

I need to give myself some fun resolutions too. This is stuff I want to do. Stuff that will get done waaaaay in advance of cleaning the house and exercising.  Stuff that I was going to probably do anyway but, by making them New Year Resolutions, I’ll get extra credit for having done them.

So I’ve made today’s poll all about picking a satisfying, yarn-y related resolution. Or two. On this poll, you can choose more than one option.


Edited to Add: I took the poll and I voted for… all of them. What can I say? I wrote the poll, lol. They all sound like fun to me.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Own your own poll! Or something. Whatever E Z said.


Yes Elizabeth Z. was very empowering and she probably would have said exactly that. 🙂


Socks can be included as a resolution??? Wow, it’s going to be a good year!!!
More tiny circular needles have been ordered to enable me to use different thicknesses of yarn……that means the stash diminishes……so maybe I will have to buy more yarn….


Yep, socks count as a resolution. Absolutely. There are all sorts of sock-of-the-month clubs on ravelry to to help you with that one.

And yay! I enabled with the knitting and the buying of kntterly stuff. Its is going to be a good year.