Some Progress


Just a quick post today. I blew off writing something for this morning for, ummm, knitting. I’m enjoying this project and its hard to put it down and do anything else.

Knitting with Dorset Down handpsun


Oh and it seems like Jess is leaning towards making a Girasole which hadn’t made my list at all. But she’s considering doing it in worsted weight yarn because she did like the idea of enormous round blankets. So I helped a little. Sorta.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Oh Jenn,
I have no idea what this piece is to be, but the pattern is beyond beautiful! Your work is awesome! ♡


Thanks! Its going to be a head-scarf thingy. I’m almost done. Just need to bind off and block. I hope to have it posted up in a few days.