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I like knitting. Scratch that, I love knitting. I do. Knitting is fun. But not all knit patterns are the same kind of fun. Feather and Fan lace is the kind of fun that’s keeps me entertained and makes me feel clever. Two by two ribbing is the kind of fun that makes me want to jab a knitting needle into my thigh so I don’t pass out from sheer boredom.

I get bored easily. So when a patterns calls for something like:

“cast on 100 2480 stitches and work in 2 x 2 rib for 3 54 inches”

I might throw in some right twists and left twists just to break up the drudgery. It works out well. I don’t go insane from endless knit 2, purl 2 and the twist-y stitches look very nice. They are great for adding a little something-something to the ribbing on hats and sleeves and such.

A Right Twist is a maneuver that takes two knit stitches and twists them so they cross to the right. A Left Twist crosses them to the left. They are, in essence, one by one cables and in some books and patterns they are called “mock cables”.

A Right Twist, aka Right-Leaning Mock Cable
Right twist stitch
Right Twist stitch

A Left Twist, aka Left-Leaning Mock Cable
left twist stitch
Left Twist stitch

Hope you like twisting your stitches. Que up Chubby Checker and play his golden oldie while you make ’em, and that boring ribbing will just fly by.

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P.S. Fire and Ice Fingerless Mitts is a wonderful and free pattern that makes great use of right twists and left twists on the palm side. I made a pair of these for myself and have worn them so much they are now a bit ratty. That just shows how much I like them.

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