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Today is Superbowl Sunday. Even I know that*. I thought it would be appropriate to make today’s post football-relevant before I disappeared and spent my day hiding from The Game and all The Game watchers.

How to make a pom pom

So today let’s make pom poms because football has cheerleaders and cheerleaders have pom poms.

Hey its the best I could come up with.

I don’t use a pom pom maker. Crafters made pom poms before those things were invented ya know! Also they walked uphill to school, both ways, in the snow, while fighting off tigers and bears.

How to make a pom pom without a pom pom maker:

Fun right? Its easy, fast and uses up yarn. But not if you only make one or two. To use up that yarn you have to make a pile.

A pile of pom poms:

Lots of pom poms

You can make different sizes by changing the size of the wraps. Try using the whole palm of your hand for something bigger. You could use a fork to make a little one.

Using a fork to make a pom pom

You could use a chair to make a big one.

Making a big pom pom
Feline Overlord helped with this one

What to do with all your new pom poms? Well, they make great hat toppers of course. You can use them to decorate the ends of your next scarf. You can make pom pom garland (which is not just a crazy pinterest thing no matter what my students may say).

But around here they are cat toys. Soft, fun cats toys that I don’t mind stepping on in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom.

Pom poms are great cat toys
FYI – Feline Overlords can be easily distracted with a pile of pom poms.

* I didn’t actually know it would be Super Bowl Sunday when I started making pom poms and drafting this post. I know it now but at the time I was writing it because only one person who took the What do you do about that stash? Poll answered that they threw out  yarn.  It made me so happy that all most of you were hanging on to your stashes. I thought I’d come up with a nice stash-user-upper post.

Then I realized it would be Superbowl Sunday. Then I changed the intro to this post. If it were not for a passing reference at craft night I would have never known. But don’t tell. Let’s just keep that between us.

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Lol, awesome – I foresee my chairs being wrapped in yarn! Thanks, Jenn!
-Jenny from


Oh wonderful! The pop pom from a chair came right from one of my knitting students. I steal all my best ideas from them I think!


So, did the cats use their pom poms to cheer on their team at the Puppy bowl?


The Puppy Bowl is a great game! So much better than the other one I think. The kitty half time show is the best part.