Marking Another Occasion


I give up. I admit defeat. It seems that I cannot organize my life/schedule/to-do list using anything that runs on a battery. If I’m going to stay on track, I need actual paper and pen. I need something like this.

a cheap notebook

To celebrate my abandonment of any and all digital organizers, I Marked The Occasion and made myself a pretty bookmark. I had made one of these before and included it with a cookbook for Mom at Christmas. The pattern is an easy one and you can find it at the link. Since I gave the last one away, I had wanted to make one for myself (selfish crochet!).

So I pulled out some gorgeous yarn in a one-of-a-kind colorway that was handpainted  by a friend of mine…

crochet bookmark closeup


… added one of the best Dorset buttons that I have ever managed to make…


A Dorset button


and made a wrap around bookmark for a notebook I paid 50 cents for at a back-to-school sale. I wanted to commit.

I’m not a complete techno-phobe. Don’t let my inability to use a digital organizer and my complete dependence on Jess to keep this website running give you the wrong impression. I do okay with technology most of the time. I gave up my land-line years ago and a cell is the only phone I use (or need). I carry a mobile device with me everywhere (its a Color Nook). I cancelled my cable and get all my entertainment through the internet. I don’t even complain about having to  send text messages anymore as much as I used to.

But I can’t get into the habit of using a digital organizer or planner. I have tired. My cell has organizer apps, the Nook has scheduling apps, they are both connected to the internet and we all know the internet has a zillion of those things. I’ve tired them and, frankly, I hate them. Its too much trouble to get out my handheld whatever and tap in the details of my life. I want a dead-tree organizer.

I have to say that ever since I gave in and accepted this luddite-like personality flaw I have been happier. Also, even though that 50 cent notebook is a righteous mess, I’ve been more organized. Notes are scattered everywhere. Pages have been ripped out. Dates, appointments, to-do lists, reminders, they all get jotted down in no particular order and it works for me. The messier that dead-tree notebook is, the more in control I feel!

So I expressed my satisfaction in the best way I know…with yarn.

A crocheted bookmark

P.S. Making a button from one of your stitch markers is a handy skill! Here is the post where I show how to make ’em.

P.S.S. That friend of mine who handpaints yarn does lovely work don’t you think? She is currently doing it as a hobby so only her (lucky, lucky) friends get a chance to play with her stuff. But, she is thinking about starting a business and selling some. If you want to help me bully her into that, let her know you like her work in the comment section. She reads this blog.

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Beautiful yarn! Your friend should sell what she paints for a hobby.


I will. I tell her as many times as it takes. 🙂


I freely admit that I don’t like much of the new technology. Mostly because it is such a time thief.
But I do like that yarn. When she takes the plunge into the world of yarn sales, she will go far.


I agree, both about the time theft and her yarn.


I have some of said friend’s yarn and agree she needs to dye some more.


Yes she does! I’m working on bullying some more yarn out of her.

That’s not *just* a notebook – it’s a BuJo, aka Bullet Journal! Regardless of all the pinterest entries, there’s not really any wrong way to keep a bullet journal. Mine is a nice, purple, *cheap* notebook with a 2016/2017 calendar pasted in the front; each month starts on a new page, on which I write in important dates (birthdays, recycling and rubbish bin days, bills due), and with post-its, scraps of paper, etc, stuck in hither and yon. Then I write in anything I need/want to keep track of, until the next month starts. Calling it ‘your BuJo’ just sounds… Read more »