A Handspinning Post That is Totally Not Boring


It can be a little challenging to write interesting and engaging posts about handspinning. Spinning is slow and monotonous and I suspect that most of my readers have never tried it.

So, to keep things lively, I went into my fiber stash and picked Karaoke Rainbow!

Karaoke Rainbow roving

That’s pretty lively right? Why bother with all the effort to write a thoughtful post when I can just throw eye candy at you.

I tried to track this roving down on the net but couldn’t come up with much. I suspect it’s a discontinued product from Louet. I found it in a dusty corner at Yarnorama, an adorable little shop in Paige, Texas. Here is the label. If anyone has more information (like where one could buy some if they wanted) maybe they’ll let us know in the comments.

Before spinning, I had some prep work to do. I decided to split the roving lengthwise. That will give me two (roughly) equal batches of fiber to spin into singles and then ply together. But, before I ever can do anything so radical as spreading out fiber and playing with it…

… all Feline Overlords and their Cowardly Boy Cat sidekicks have to be locked up!

(If you think about I’m not locking them up at all. I’m really giving them my home while locking myself out on the porch. That’s why I try not to think about it.)

I split the fiber lengthwise while doing my best to keep the two sections even. The goal is to match up sections of color later when plying. The more evenly I can keep the two sections, and the more evenly I spin the singles, the better they will match up.








Then, before I went back inside, I put all the roving into my scientifically engineered, kitty-proof containers. You have no idea how important this is to a successful spinning project in my home.

After all that I actually started spinning.

That’s’ all I have so far. What can I say, I’m a slow spinner.

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Midnight Knitter

Kitty proof containers! I keep my roving in zip lock bags, but I kind of like the cans better. Love those colors.


This reader spins and loves it! Thanks for this post! I have a Feline Boss as well. Weather (snow and ice) has made me want to get out my drum carder and play with fibers, but the Boss would want to supervise. I can’t lock him up or out because he tends to tear the carpet to shreads when I try, so I’ll have to think on this some more, but meanwhile I’ll be spinning on my Matchless.


Wow does that sound familiar. My kitties will dig holes in the carpet is locked into a room or closet. They are so spoiled! Whose fault is that? Not ours, surely not ours.

Happy spinning and stay warm!


So help me out and clarify hand spinning. Is that with a drop spindle or a spinning wheel, or is it all hand spinning?


Well since http://www.heavenlyhandspinning .com
has spinning wheels (including electric ones) on their home page I’m gonna say that handspinning includes spinning with wheels.

I only recently started tagging my posts with “handspinning” because google was sticking my “spinning” posts in with those people who ride stationary bikes. 🙂


I agree, hand spinning is making yarn with fibers that are drafted and controlled by human hands, and I include e-spinners as well as hand spindles, kick spindles, and spinning wheels.

And just saying “spinning” really excites and then confuses people who do the stationary bike kind. My cousin asked me if I’d joined a gym, lol!


Love the bright colors and can’t wait to see the finished yarn. Beautiful. What a challange with the cats. I don’t have any but can see they want to get into everything.