Beware the Thread Crochet


Thread crochet will make you go blind and crazy. If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Beware the thread crochet!

Irish Crochet Lab: a place to begin (an excellent site with lots of resources and tutorials, click the image for link)


I have done some thread work in the past, but only some. My eyes are precious and my limited sanity is even more so. I think the last thread crochet project I cranked out was a set of decorative bracelets done as a teeny, tiny granny squares sewn end to end. And I complained the whole time.

For the just-knitters out there, a few words of explanation: Crochet is, at its core, all about where you put your hook. In knitting, there are active loops and no matter how small those loops are, we have a needle that holds them open.  Not so in crochet. The smaller the thread, the smaller the stitches and the harder it is to “see” where the next stitch is supposed to go. It can be maddening.

Which is why I say beware the thread crochet.  It can be dangerous to your health. But for some inexplicable reason I own all of this (mostly) cotton thread for … umm….. doing thread crochet.

Some of it is cotton/wool and some is cotton/silk and some is cotton/acrylic. But it is all a threat to my sanity. Sadly the threats continue. This Sunday, Lucette (who you may remember from an old post is deaf, French, 92 years old, and a terrifying bundle of good will) dropped these in my lap.

She said, very loudly and very French-ly that she was too old to be doing “the little stuff anymore” and that I would “take and make something pretty with it”. So now my stash includes a bunch of rayon thread from, jeez, I don’t know…1954?

Which might explain why, in spite of the looming dangers of blindness and craziness, I’ve been cruising the web for thread crochet projects. Thread crochet is so pretty! How do you think crocheters get sucked into that madness? By all the pretty stuff  like this:

Japanese square crochet coasters, free pattern by Anabelia


Click that picture (if you dare!) and it will take you to the free pattern for those coasters. Jess and I have pushed them on the Roving Crafters tumblr, on the Roving Crafters ravelry forums, and now I’m pushing them here. They tempt me. I am suffering from Startitupitis you know and its been 36 hours since I started anything.

What do you think? They might be worth the risk.

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Jenn, those coasters are actually a great pick if you shy away from thread crochet! The pattern uses quite a few long chains, with the next row’s stitches worked over them; which means less sticking your hook in a stitch. Also, the stitches of the main body are tall stitches, so it will finish quickly – You could always change the shorter stitches of the border to a tall stitch to save your sanity!

P.S. Since the update, the comment section saves your info if you’ve commented here before…I like it!
Jenny from


You may have talked me into starting another project. 🙂


You’re welcome/I’m sorry. I don’t know which to say, so please accept both! Lol.

Billie Rae Swatzell Gillas

Snowflakes my dear…that will take you into thread crochet. Perfect for Christmas and mailing, decorating presents, so many pretty snowflakes.


I have a stash like that too!!! all those pretty colors I couldn’t resist.. I think I got 30 balls of thread for $2!! I knit with most of mine.. I do like those coasters though and need some for the front room :).. thanks for the pattern and good luck with your thread..