Closing up a Gusset Hole


Gusset holes can show up in all sorts of places in your knitting, such as the base of fingers, the sides of heels, and under the arms. There are many ways to take care of them. Here is mine:

Gusset Hole at the base of a thumb
How to Close up a Gusset Hole After the Knitting is Done

Turn to the wrong side of the work. Using a yarn tail and a tapestry needle, weave through the sides of all the stitches that border your gusset hole.

Closing a gusset hole

Continue working all the way around the circle.

Closing a gusset hole with waste yarn

Then pull the yarn tail until the hole closes up.

Closing a gusset hole in knitting

Pull it firmly but not super-tight. Then weave in the rest of that tail.

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