Revive a Vintage – a Roving Crafters’ Contest


 A Roving Crafter Rescue Effort… With Prizes!

Jess and I love vintage stuff. Its a passion of ours. From kitschy 1950’s potholders to beaded reticules to knitted sleeping jackets, we love them all. We want to make them all. Sadly that is just not possible. But getting you to make them (and letting us follow along) is nearly as good.

So we are having a contest. Join the Roving Crafters and Revive a Vintage pattern.  Over the next six weeks, find an old pattern, an old photo, an old style and get stitching. Show us how the old-fashioned can be super-chic… and maybe win yourself a prize!

We have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. We have prizes to give out every week to just for entering the contest. We have lots of prizes to go around and we need people to give them to. You’ll help us out with that right?

The Prizes!

You’ll find everything you need to start Reviving your Vintage here. Come and let us know that you are IN.

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I’m in. Meant to reply last week but got distracted looking for patterns.