Sunday Stitch – Double Decreases in Knitting


I’ve been playing around with Double D’s this week! No, not those kind of Double D’s (gutter brain). I mean Double Decrease stitches. You know, in knitting. What kind of blog do you take me for?

Double Decrease stitches in knitting
Three different double decreases in knitting

There is a video below with all three decreases demonstrated. I’m not a fan of demo videos. I know, I know, I made the silly thing. I try to make one video a week. But… I don’t like videos, lol. I like written instructions. Does that make me sound old?

Don’t answer.

A Double Decrease that Leans to the Left

This is a fairly common stitch in knitting, the left leaning double decrease. Its written (abbreviated) by pattern writers in different ways:



And its made like this:

  1. slip one stitch as-if-to knit
  2. knit the next two stitches together
  3. pass the slipped stitch over the stitch you just made when you knit two together
Left Leaning Double Decrease
A Centered Double Decrease

Usually written:


Its made like this:

  1. slip two stitches as-if-to-knit together
  2. knit the next stitch
  3. pass the slipped stitches over (together) the stitch you just knit


A Centered Double Decrease
A Double Decrease That Leans to the Right

This one is easy because its so similar to the right leaning single decrease:


It made by simply knitting the next three stitches together.


A Right Leaning Double Decrease


And here is the dreaded video! You should know that it takes me an average of 14 tries and lots of cussing to get them to come out even this good, lol. I hope its not too dark and I hope its helpful.



Edited to Add

I’ve been asked which pattern I used in this sampler. I didn’t have one, I just made something up But if you’re interested here is how I made it:

Cast On 33 sts

Row 1 (wrong side): K3, *YO, P7, YO, K3* repeat to end (39 sts)

Row 2 (Right Side): K6, sk2togp, K9, cdd, K9, k3tog, K6 (33 sts)

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 to desired length and then get out your digital camera and start filming Take 1 bind off.




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Kay Landreth

What is the name of the pattern used for your Double D Demo?


Well, I didn’t have a pattern. I just made it up.

But I can write down what I did and add it to the post. Super easy, just 2 rows on repeat.


Ok the pattern has been added!