My Startiupitis has Passed


The attack of Startiupitis that hit me a two weeks ago seems to have burnt itself out. Now I’m in recovery. I sit around and look at all these starts and feel overwhelmed. Where is my Fairy Godmother and her magical wand? Probably off becoming a feminist and drinking mocha-frape-something-or-others while listening to a poetry slam in downtown San Francisco. She hasn’t paid me a visit in a good long while.

Disney told me I had a fairy godmother. So where is she already?

Which leaves me with a pile of work to do.

Lets start with the two that actually got done shall we? Then we can move on to the shame.

Thread crochet coaster
Thread Crochet Coaster

1) It took me hours under the OttLite and left me with a ripping headache but I got that little baby done. I couldn’t resist the design, published on Anabelia’s blog as Japanese coasters. It was fun and I’ve been showered with compliments for it. But I got the thread-crochet-bug out of my system and won’t be doing any more for a while.

2) Of course the Twisted Mitts had to get done. You try publishing a pattern, even a freebie one, with out actually finishing the project. That goes over like a lead balloon, let me tell ya. And I’ve tried. I’ve tried to explain to crafters how the design in my head will turn out, how it will look just so cute, and how they should trust me and do the pattern based on nothing more that my word. Guess what? They say no thanks. Of all the nerve, right? They want to actually see the finished product before they commit. Picky, picky!

Twisted Mitts - a free knit pattern

Now for the WIPs.

3) The Karoke Rainbow handspun is still signing to me. Softly but its over there in the corner looking like this:

I have one skein done but there is spinning, and plying, left to do.

4) A much needed seat cushion cover, in half double crochet, has snuck in. I have a chair, a very cheep chair, and its cushion is deterioration rapidly. Gee I wonder why?

Its my chair and I’ll kill it if I want to!

(It is her chair btw. She is the only one who uses it which Is why I’d rather crochet up a cushion cover than replace the chair. I figure she would just destroy the next one too.)

5) Another WIP that snuck in is a Noro Taiyo version of a cowl I designed and plan to publish soon. One of my testers did her version in a long-color way yarn and I thought “oooo! I need to make one in a yarn like that! For, umm, testing purposes. Yes.” It will be my third version of this cowl and when its done I’ll publish. I swear. (I have people pestering gently pushing me along.)


6) My purple fingerless gloves hit a few bumps. I had to made three versions before I found one I really liked.

But I’ve settled on a pattern and It’s officially back on track.


7) That just leaves the pretty-pretty green lace stole.

Its my vintage knit. As a judge I can’t be in the contest. As a judge I can’t win any of the prizes. Life is hard. But (but!) I can still make a vintage inspired project with everyone and this is mine. Feline Overlord likes it. I hope everyone else likes it too.


So that was seven projects right? It feels like more. It feels like there is a WIP in every corner of my home begging for some time and attention. I better get cracking!

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Oh The Humanity! My Shining Example is Flawed!
lol Welcome to the club. My entire life is like this. If I have to finish every project before I die…I’ll live forever.


Is that the rule? You have to live until you finish all your starts? Or is it until you’ve used all your stash. If its the stash one I might be immortal….


The way I see it, you’ve accomplished a lot!!!


Thanks! Hopefully they will all get finished the way they all got started: one right after the other.


After spending several weeks excavating and finishing ancient WIPs, I now have a lot more restraint about starting multiple projects. I wonder how long that will last – heh!


So do I. I almost started a washcloth last night but I resisted. I’ve told myself at least one FO before I get to start anything new.