REVIVE-A-VINTAGE First week's Winner!


Our first prize! I’m so excited and proud. But to get on with it…

For the Random Weekly Drawings (and this is the first of five) first I count up the number of projects that show up when I search Ravelry for projects tagged with revive-a-vintage. I pop that number into my online random number generator. The number it kick out is the winner! This week that number is 10.

Playingwithfiber is the winner!  Check out her Vintage House Slippers. She is reviving a vintage knit house slipper pattern and converting it into a crochet pattern. Swing by her project page and leave her a comment.

playingwithfiber's Vintage House Slippers
playingwithfiber’s Vintage House Slippers

Playingwithfiber (who I think is Pam over here in the comment section) will be getting a gift bag from Milk+Honey in the scent of her choice! We tried one of these bars out last night at my craft group in the citrus scent. Very nice.

gift bags from Milk+Honey


These are lotion bars, aka hard lotion, and if you’ve never tried one… oh honey, you should. If you’re reading this then you make beautiful things with your hands and those hands can get a little roughed up. They need to be pampered. The owner/Milkmaid of Milk+Honey knows that because she is a knitter. She started her business at home with her pet goats and her two kids. That business has taken off and now Milk+Honey has partner farms and sells in retail shops all over North America.

I love all my contest sponsors and I’ll be giving them love throughout. But today I’m loving up on Milk+Honey, not just because they donated three gift bags to our cause, but because this is a start-up business by a knitter. You gotta admire that. Maybe you’ll give her some internet love too. Check out her on-line store, put up a post on your facebook, share on intagram, whatever. Let’s give a crafter a boost, shall we?


Oh… and there will be more prizes. Oh yes. A weekly drawing prize will happen every Friday. Keep those vintage projects coming and remember you can enter more than once.


Want to join in on the vintage and the prizes? AWESOME. There is plenty of time. Here is everything you need to get started:

The Revive-A-Vintage Contest and how to enter

Place to Go for Vintage Inspiration – on line free patterns

Vintage Crochet Terms Translated

Vintage Knit Terms Translated



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5 Comments on "REVIVE-A-VINTAGE First week's Winner!"

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Congrats to Playingwithfiber!
Enjoy your lotion but send me the slippers. You are so talented. I don’t have a clue how you convert patterns. And And And the color is my favorite.


The color is my fav too. Not that had anything to do with choosing the winner! lol that was all Mr. Random Number Generator.

Congrats to playingwithfiber again!

Rae Bardon

Congrats!! I love purple too. I think I should go to a LYS and maybe they will have the bars, that would be nice… Oh and an excuse to buy more fiber…. like I need an excuse…


Congrats to Playingwithfiber – what a great way to start off the revive-along! 🙂


Yep! We are all off to a good start I think. 🙂