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I learned a new crochet stitch this week. As I was refreshing myself on vintage crochet terms and getting my references together for writing that post earlier this week, I realized that there, right there in The Encyclopedia of Needlework (published in 1884), was a stitch I had never tired before. Ms. Thérèse de Dillmont called it a “knotted stitch”.  I’m calling it a knotted half double crochet until someone (like a dear reader!) comes up with a better name.

The “Knotted Stitch” shown in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEEDLEWORK By Thérèse de Dillmont

If this stitch is in use today, I haven’t run across it. A quick trip through google didn’t get me very far because there are other stitches out there with very similar same names. The knot stitch in crochet, which is another name for Solomon’s knot, and the knotted stitch technique in embroidery. So… I’m calling this a knotted half double crochet.

Its made very similar to a half double (that would be a half treble in UK crochet). For comparison sake I made up little samplers in both.


 Half Double Crochet Knotted Half Double Crochet

The knotted version definitely has more texture. Textures can be a good thing, a very good thing. This stitch is giving me ideas for washcloths and scrubbies and borders.

Its easy to make. Here’s how:


One of the very best things about being a crocheter is that I will never know it all. There are so many stitches in so many varieties that there is always something new to learn. I tell people that crochet its easy to learn to crochet but it takes a lifetime to master.


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Thanks for sharing! Half double crochet is one of my favorite stitches and it’s always interesting to see variations.


Mine too. If I don’t pay attention to my work (like when there is something on TV!) I’ll look down and find that my hands have been making nothing but half doubles. Its my default stitch.


I like it. And better yet, I’ll be able to do it.


Wonderful! I’m just happy that this little stitch has some new fans.


I’ve actually used this stitch before – I couldn’t find it anywhere either and ended up calling it a “modified half-double crochet”. To me it looks kind of like the knitted garter stitch – you can see it in my mink socks on this page – and in these gloves –

I agree with you that it has more texture – I love it and use it a lot. 🙂


I knew it had to be out there somewhere. It may be new to me, but its not new! lol


Thanks for this stitch, I’ve made a headband and one of those soap bags you showed. Love it! Shared to my google + peeps and included links to your blog and your video tute. Oh, and I watched your “How to spin semi-woolen yarn video while I was at it. I drop spindle, so I think I can use what I saw and go with it. Many, many thanks to you for sharing your expertise with beginning spinners like me.


I use that one a lot I know it has the herringbone half double crochet.