Sunday Stitch – Making Irish Clones Knots


Irish Clones Knot – A Vintage Crochet Stitch

If you’ve been browsing vintage crochet pattern books (like me) and wasting hours looking at old patterns (like me) and not making much progress on your WIPs (like me) then you might have come across the Clones Knot stitch. Clones Knots are found in those elaborate Irish Crochet designs. They aren’t hard, once you get the hang of them. In fact, of all the crazy-beautiful stuff those Irish hookers were making at the turn of the century, clones knot might be the easiest.

Clones Knots in crochet lattice
Some quick mesh made with clones knot stitches

There are two ways to make the Clones knot (that I know of) and I show both in the video below. Clones knots can be made in any size, big or small. The ones I’ve made are “13-loop” knots. Those are on the small side. I pretty sure all the clones knots you see in vintage patterns are made with 17 or more loops. They are also worked with very fine thread and a small hook, smaller that what I’m working with. (I’m using a mercerized, fingering weight cotton and a 3.25 mm hook in this video.) But hey, they were crochet goddesses! I’m just a mortal who plays with yarn on the internet.

Want to know more about Clones Knots?

  • Maire Treanor is a modern day expert and leading authority and all things Irish crochet. She has several designed published through Interweave and a DVD workshop.
  • Aurore Turcan designed the Bonnet Dentelle, a free pattern, based on M.s Treanor’s technique. Its a very vintage-inspired bonnet!
  • For a more modern take on what you can do with this stitch, check out the Clones Knot Barefoot Sandals, a design by Marcia Young (also a freebie).

Love Vintage crochet? Me too! Also vintage knitting, spinning, weaving, macrame… well, you get the idea. That’s why we are hosting the Revive-A-Vintage contest. If you can make a vintage inspired project with yarn, we want you to join in. Click the link for all the details.

We have more Tips, Tricks and Videos. You’ll find stuff for knitters, crocheters, spinners and some odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere.  Check them out!

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I wonder why they call it a clone’s knot… very interesting!


That is a good question. I have no idea!


What a great stitch to use for accents on all kinds of things! Reminds me a bit of the bullion stitch. Fun! 🙂


It reminds me of the bullion stitch too! That’s exactly what I was thinking.

May have to do the bullion stitch next. Hmmmmmm


They call it a Clones knot because it originates from Clones, Ireland – And I only know that because I downloaded the ebook from Marie Treanor! It covers the history of how Clones lace motifs were made by whole families and taking to the market to sell, saving many from famine – A really interesting read, but this video is so much faster to learn from – Thanks, Jenn!


Like. Like. Like.

Why WordPress only like me like this one time?


Happy to say I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon listening to an audiobook and knitting on my 1898 hat. Visible progress by the minute! Something about those size 8 needles after all the sock knitting, I think.


Ahh.. the joys of knitting something in worsted after a bunch of toothpick-needle knitting. It DOES feel like you are flying right?