Weekly Rec – Love Those Bent Chibi Needles


I’m a sucker for crafty notions and accessories. I have far more than I truly need or can use or can locate at any given time. I own (stops to count…) eight tapestry needles. But I really only use these three Clover Chibi Jumbo Bent Tip Darning Needles.

They make that tiresome job of darning in yarn tails a little easier. I love them. I’ve talked plenty of knitters and crocheters into giving them a try and they seem to love them too. I think the only crafters who don’t want these needles are crafters who haven’t tried them yet.

These darning needles come in sets of two and as you can see I have  three. I have either lost one and its now running wild and free in Austin Texas or I accidentally stole one from a fellow crafter. If you are reading this and you think I might have your darning needle, please send an email to noyoucanthaveyourneedleback@HaHa.com.

Chibi Jumbo Bent tip needles

Tapestry needles are part of our must-have tool set. If you play with yarn at all, then you have tapestry needles I’m sure. Let me see if I can talk you into buying a set of Chibi Jumbos with bent tips anyway.

They are cheap. I did some poking around the internet and it seems that the best deals on these needles are $3.74 a set from either Amazon  or Jo-Anns. At the time of this writing, Jo-Ann’s is running a sale on all knitting/crochet stuff, including these needles, so that price might not last but its good right now. (I see they are also giving 50% off any one item so you might head over there even if you already have Chibi Jumbo Bent Tips and I really need to get affiliate deals set up for these referrals!)

A Chibi needle tube can store a lot

All Chibi needle sets come in these wonderfully convenient storage tubes. That tube might be as important to my crafting sanity as the needles. I keep all my Chibi needles in there of course. I keep all the other tapestry needles that I own but don’t use in there too. I also poke in a few safety pins and small-ish stitch markers. That tube is like my emergency crafting supply kit. I don’t go anywhere without it.


Threading a Chibi jumbo needle with chunky yarn

Jumbo means you have a nice big eye to thread yarn through. Its big enough to work for chunky yarn and you won’t need your glasses to see it. I HATE fussing around with threading a needle. With these I don’t have to fuss at all.

Those bent tips are more handy than you would think. The tips are rounded and dull and that’s nice because they won’t split your yarn or go stabbing into your thumb. But its the bent tip that makes these so easy to work with. Just that slight angle really helps you to pick up the backs of purl stitches and single crochets. It reduces strain on your fingers and wrist in a way that you don’t notice until you have to go back to straight needles.


Next time you are at your LYS or shopping online, toss a set of these Chibi Jumbo Bent Tip needles into your cart too. I’m sure you’ll come to like them better than your other darning needles too. But, don’t get rid of your old ones. Only crazy people give up their crafting notions. Someday you may need to use all eight darning needles at the same time. It could happen.


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I’ve looked at these before, but I’ve never gotten them. I do have a sharp bent tip darning needle and I love it for knitting amigurumi and embroidering faces. I may just need to put some of these on my wishlist.


Then I am happy to enable you need to buy more knitting stuff! Its my calling I think, talking other people into buying cool stuff.


Oh yes these are wonderful! On a whim I picked up a set last year and now I couldn’t live without them. Haven’t used my straight tip needles since buying these. The large eye is a sanity saver and I’ll take all of that I can get.


Exactly. Everything you just said!


Hmmm I sent you an email at the provided address and I got a bounce back. Perhaps I’m spelling something wrong 😉 I do not own them but my friends rave about them. Right now, I’m good with my straights BUT that doesn’t mean come Christmas time I’d snub the idea of someone getting me some. 🙂


I’m sure I don’t know what could be up with that email addy!

Yes, get someone to buy these for you. You can never have enough darning needles and I betcha you’ll liek these best.