Badi’s are Gonna Be Bad: Surviving a Badi Hack

Surviving a Badi hack

So this site was hit by the Badi Hack yesterday. Sorry about that. My web host server tells me that several other sites on my shared server were hit as well. I guess it was a group thing.

Here are the two most important things you should know:

  • Its fixed now
  • They didn’t get your email (if you are a subscriber).

I keep the emails in a separate website, under a different server, with a different account name. I’m paranoid like that. I’m so paranoid about these things that I run security scans on this site and backup my content every day. I have an uber-strong password with two-step verification. But none of that matters because the hackers got in through my server’s database.

And they were not from Albania.

They were from Sugar Land Texas, which is a suburb outside of Houston. Want to know their IP address? Because, yes, I have that:

It belongs to a Comcast customer. I know who they are and where they live. Of course I have reported this address to Comcast. I have also reported it to Google and several other web service/security companies. I believe my web host company is reporting it as well and that will probably get more attention but I felt like piling on. I’ve also added it manually to the list of blocked IP addresses that my security software generates and keeps track of. Congratulations. You are now the only IP outside of Russia that is blocked by the Roving Crafters.

There. I feel better.

I suppose I should point out that The Badi Hack is not a serious hack. It doesn’t actually destroy content, or look for emails, or upload malicious software. Its considered quite benign (by people who are not me) and intended to point out vulnerabilities on the web. The Badi Hack has its own facebook page, if you can believe that. My web host company was bought out recently by a bigger company and I guess they have some work to do.

Once I got over my initial outrage and panic, I realized that this was more of an annoyance than a serious threat to my site. Real hacks do not announce themselves and tell you they have done bad things. They hide. They hide for as long as they can while doing bad things where you can’t see.

This was someone playing a game. Still pissed me off though.


But I’m letting it go and looking to the positive. You, my wonderful readers, have been wonderful. This site has increased in viewership 300% in the last 30 days. The only thing I can think to say is Thank-You.

And I hope you in Sugar Land Texas (who probably can’t read this because I’ve blocked you) hear from your service provider very soon. Have a nice day.

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Oh no! I’m glad no major harm was done, but what a headache!

Oh yes. Big, big headache. There was all the dealing with the hack, and fielding a flood of private messages by everyone to let me know I’d been hacked. But the worst of it was the music the tech support department played when I was on hold. I know that should be the least of it but it was really terrible music. If I put the phone on speaker to free up my hands during the FOUR HOUR call it took to get this fixed… Feline Overlord would scream. She couldn’t stand that music. lol I’m laughing now but last… Read more »

Sorry I added to that list then! I didn’t mean to add to your stress levels. *hugs* I’m glad it’s all better now 🙂


Take a deep calming breath. Brew a nice cup of chamomile and let it alllll goooooo. You did good. I trust you completely even tho I take and am responsible for my own webbing adventures.


Thanks. I am drinking tea today in fact. I had too much caffeine yesterday. And this evening I’m switching to something with alcohol in it! lol


Oh wow! I tried all day to get in but kept getting rhe “Albania” hack message. None of my other emails were affected so I figured vit was on your end. I tried every backdoor way I could think of but to no avail. So sorry this happened to u but sooooo glad it was not too serious. Pick up some yarn and needles/hooks …….. much better than meditation(which I’ve never tried btw).

Diane Cooper

Glad that it was only an annoyance and nothing more serious!! What a pain in the butt though!!! Send the Feline Overlords to poop on their computers…


And, Here, I thought that this was going to be about the kitty cats, yet again. That would have been lots more fun for all of us.