Trickery Knit-a-Long: Binding Off

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Binding Off!

Good Morning! It was an early morning for me, earlier than I had planned. Feline Overlord had a cunning planning and it went something like this:

Step 1) Deposit the crinkle-foil-ball toy on the pillow next to Food Woman.

Step 2) Wait for her to roll over and have it smush into her face.

Step 3) Watch her leap straight up and shout a few cuss words.

Step 4) Meow to let her know that I’d like a nice game of chase-the-crinkle-foil-ball. 

Well, the game of chase-the-crinkle-foil-ball didn’t happen but it did start my day off pretty early. That’s okay. I’m accustomed to her tortures. Also, I had a Trickery to block! Its done! It looks great!

Trickery Stole: a knit pattern

But I get ahead on myself. I did make one last video for our Trickery Knit-a-Long.

Binding Off A Trickery

Okay, now you are caught up.

After cat food and coffee, I went to work on blocking. Feline Overlord helped.

Trickery Stole: a knit pattern


You may recall, this Trickery is going to live at The Sated Sheep. It will sit around on display looking gorgeous and sell yarn and hopefully *cough* my pattern to many a knitter. The yarn I used was provided by Bronotta Yarns and its her Only One – Silk in Spruce and EVOO. (That stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I didn’t get that at first and had to ask.) The yarn is wonderful, very easy to work with. Its a single ply in light fingering weight and its 70% merino, 30% silk. The silk gives the yarn a beautiful glow and I’m not sure the pictures do it justice.

This Trickery will be dried soon and then it will be on its way to The Sated Sheep! I just have to get it away from you-know-who. She seems to think this Trickery is her new blanket.

Feline Overlord

Guess again fur ball.

Want to catch up on the Knit-a-Long from the beginning?

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Casting On

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Starting the Center

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Working Hard

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Finishing the Center

Trickery Knit-a-Long: Edging Towards the Finish

If you like the pattern, you can buy it from ravelry or any LYS (any that participate in the ravelry pattern sales program).

And if you made it all the way to the bottom of this post, I have a little something for you. For today, until Sept 25 midnight Central Standard Time, the pattern is 50% off.

Just use this discount code when you check out on ravelry:




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Yay! And I love the coupon code 🙂 I always try to stay up and finish my shawls, but in the end they tend to take me 6 hours to BO properly and sometimes I just can’t last that long… Not doing anything like that right now though (thank the gods).

Lorri Helms

Nice job Jenn. I am coming along slowly….! Picture in a day or two.


So I’m not the only one who thinks BO’s are hard on the hands.
Good. I thought not.


So glad it’s done. I will have to go see it in person even though I have seen it before. I would like to visit it at the saTed sheep.


Cute coupon code! And pretty shawl