Have Some Vintage – a girl’s crochet pinafore

Girl's Crochet Pinafore - a vintage pattern

A student and a friend recently brought me a collection of vintage crochet and quilting patterns that she inherited from her maternal grandmother. It looks to be 1950’s to 1970’s era patterns purchased via mail order. And I immediately thought of you. For today, courtesy of Ms. Hazel Patton, I have a crochet pinafore pattern for a little girl. From my research I believe its a Kate Marchbanks pattern from the 1960’s.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be having a wonderful time slowly working my way through the collection. I want to scan the all pages and take some photographs. Then I’ll be carefully folding each yellow, brittle sheet back up and returning it to its flimsy envelope. Then… I’ll be posting the scanned images here! As many as I can manage. My love of vintage patterns does not compel me to sell scanned copies on etsy for $6. It compels me to share.

I broke this post into two pages. The pattern, all in scanned images, is on the next page. Please click that link (or the one at the bottom of this post) to get it. Its quite big and may take a minute or two to load. And speaking of loading problems…

This site is having lots of down time and its totally not my fault. There are plenty of computer-related boo-boos that I have to take the blame for but not this!

I sincerely apologize for all the downtime. My web hosting company, who I pay to manage my server, tells me we need to be upgraded. That’s what’s causing all the downtime. I’m being migrated and upgraded and a few other things that I honestly don’t understand. I play with yarn and write a blog; I need those techno-wizards to handle all the web stuff. So I’m trusting them to work this out and I’m being patient. I hope you, my awesome readers, will ride this out with me.

The truth is, its all your fault. You readers are the root cause of all this computer botheration! Less than two months ago, 400 page views in one day was a good day for me. Yesterday this site received over 400 page views in one hour. Thus the need for upgrades. All you yarn-obsessed readers are forcing me to upgrade for the second time in three months.. and bless you for that. 🙂

Click for the pattern!

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Yay for a very busy well-loved blog!!!


Congrats on the blog traffic! I guess that explains the difficulty some days in accessing your blog. I use my phone some & figured it was on my end. Oh how I looove vintage crochet! Made a pinafore similar to this for my daughter when she was 2 or 3 for Easter.used an old pattern then but somehow misplaced it. Thank you so much fot sharing these with us.

When vintage, I think I love the thoughts I get more than the pattern itself. How many people have made this over the years? Who wore it? How often has it been passed down? But more than that, what did they do when there was no internet (lol) and had no idea what “work across 13 sts” meant? With what stitch? They would have had to write some snail mail and wait for a response. It makes you appreciate that technology when you’re wishing computers never existed. It’s great that you’re sharing the collection – Thanks! (And congrats on all… Read more »

The very same pattern that I’ve seen young ladies today call their own original pattern. LOL As they say, “everything old is new again” – thanks for sharing these with the eworld. I have so many vintage pattern books from my aunts and mother that I won’t bother you to send me any. I have more patterns than I’ll ever be able to work up, which is okay by me.

Jeanne Whipple

Many years ago I bought doll clothes patterns that were by Hazel. They were advertised in Virginia Lakin magazines. Do you think it was the same Hazel? I didn’t get the whole series and would truly jump for joy if you have what I am missing.

Cindi Patton
It could very well have been my grandmother. She worked for Sears and Roebuck for over 40 years and was the only job she ever had. She spent her whole adult life there and they would let her have the scraps at the end of bolts and yes she made many items without patterns. She was a renowned crafter on sewing with an old pedal Singer Sewing Machine and she made many family heirloom quilts that the young ones are still holding onto and they are just as quaint. I remember the Barbie clothes she made for me and she… Read more »