I Really Do Like Bad Cats Best

I Like Bad Cats Best

I’m not sure anyone notices but I try to stick to a schedule around here. Its a schedule that’s mostly for me, for keeping myself organized and on track. Thursdays I get to talk about stuff that I like and think you will like too. Those posts make me feel like I’m being helpful, like I’m passing on some useful tip or a honest product recommendation that will make everyone’s lives a little easier.

But this Thursday I’m not being helpful at all. This Thursday is about bad cats and where you can go to find them on the internet. This post is intended to waste your time and keep you from getting anything remotely productive done.

As dedicated readers know I live with two very bad cats. I have The Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord and she is the head bad cat. I also have Cowardly and Disappearing Boy Cat. He is the backup bad cat. You would think that between the two of them I’d have my fill of bad cats but you’d be wrong. I enjoy watching other peoples’ cats be bad too. Its nice to watch someone else get pushed around by an obnoxious ball of fur and complain while doing absolutely nothing about it. I figured ya’ll might like that too.


My Favorite Internet Bad Cats

Meet Henri. Le Chat Noir

Henri is terribly, terribly bored. Excuse me. I meant ennui, because Henri Is terribly, terribly French. And bored. And disappointed with life. And there is a “white imbecile” cat that gets all the attention.

He has his own youtube channel, corporate sponsors, and a store to sell his swag. But still, life is hard for poor Henri.

Or you could hang out with Cole and Marmalade, two very bad cats that have a mighty fine time being very bad cats.

They also have a youtube channel with dozens of videos, all displaying their unique badness. They have a corporate sponsor (or maybe two) and use their badness to encourage human servants to adopt cats and then spay/neuter them.

It was really tough to pick a video to link here because they have soooo many. I do like the ones filmed at night with special night vision cameras (and how much did all that cost?) which show all the destruction cats get up to while we sleep. There are several such videos and they are VERY enlightening. But in the end I went with Cat Logic because every cat owner has experienced cat logic.

Just go watch them all.


I can’t not mention Simon’s Cat.

Simon’s cat is a cartoon and therefore doesn’t count as a real bad cat but the makers of these short videos have obviously spent many, many hours being tortured by bad cats for inspiration. And I’ve been watching Simon’s Cat for years. Here is my favorite:

I’m going to give an honorable mention to Breaking Cat News, which is also a cartoon. Breaking Cat News is three house cats giving you the nightly news in newspaper-cartoon-strip-style. Some of the story lines are hard to follow but the stand alone “news” reports are pretty fun. Take It’s 7:31am on a Saturday and the food bowl is empty, for example.


Cat owners are always on the receiving end of really stupid advice about what to do with bad cats. For example, this article will tell you that you can discourage cats on counters by covering them with aluminum foil (my Overlord loves to play with aluminum foil), discourage scratching furniture by covering said furniture with double-sided tape (because you never want to sit on it ever again I guess), to let your cat chew up your hand while offering a feather, and (my favorite) to ignore the yowling cat in the middle of the night and pretend you are still sleeping.

Yes, we get a lot of dumb advice. Perhaps that’s why we have all taken to sharing our bad cats on the internet. You can’t ever really make them stop being bad. So we’ll make them famous instead.

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MAJOR, hehe
((((((Jenn)))))), I adore you Cat ? ? ? sense of humor, for you reflect a true love of the animal. I thought for weeks that turned into months, that I was the sad owner of very expensive hand dyed sock yarn that I carelessly mistreated. Until the fateful day Hodge slipped and showed his actions. I spent months undoing the yarn knot created and wound the cake twice before hiding forever beyond Hodges’ reach. ? Today I am a more “Responsible Yarn Owner” shielding my stash from Hodge. I have got to find my bat shawl stash to finish with… Read more »

Then do I ever have 2 cats you would love. Just this morning I stepped outside to walk some visitors out to their cars. The 2 cats, who had hidden themselves for the duration of the visit, came out and used the very few minutes my back was turned to steal 2 oatmeal cookies off the table. Gone in their entirety. Right down to the raisins. .


Oh how I love bad kitties! I have 6 indoor babies…they do have a screened porch to play in. 4 of these are less than 2 years old. Some days I feel like I live IN one of those videos. And I actually have a framed Tournee du Chat Noir poster hanging in my house. Fun to see that video. Thanks for the giggles.


I hate to laugh at a kindred soul but … LOL!


Six is alot. Don’t recommend it. Thankfully they have the enclosed porch with kitty door. I took in the 4 young ones as feral 8 week olds to socialize so they could find a home. They did……mine. we got so attached we decided to keep them. They have been a delight. I guess that officially makes me a crazy cat lady


I adore Henri! Cats and fibre, what a mix….you are a lady after my own heart! 😉