Lumpy Presents the Grand bunnymuff Giveaway – Day Four

bunnymuff giveaway - day four
Its the Grand bunnymuff Giveaway – Day Four! Every day this week, bunnymuff and her friend, Lumpy, will be giving away two knit patterns. All you have to do is answer Lumpy’s question in the comment section and you are entered to win. 


And Jenn asks: Whoever wins that Triangle of Happiness Shawl pattern could you make one for my mom? Cuz she has been hinting that she’d love to have one. So could you make her one? Great. And while you’re at it, could you make me one too? Great. Love you!


Phew, day four… Knitting with yarn spun from the strands of Bombyx Mori caterpillars, I present to you two patterns, one knit with Anzula’s Dreamy yarn…and wow…it is dreamy, indeed! The caterpillars are quite cheery snuggling in the St. Jean des Briques mitts I made for their moth forms… they could go in disguise as deco caterpillars for the rest of their lives. The second, a shawl in yellow silk, the envy of any butterfly on the block! Beaded, lacy, and with a little heart, the Triangle of Happiness is fun to knit and soft as silk against my fur…

The Triangle of Happiness was introduced as a mystery knit along (MKAL) , one of many hosted in the bunnymuff group. December brings us a rectangular shawl MKAL, knit from one end to the other with an ever changing pattern, not unlike a metamorphosis!


Bunnymuff giveaway- day four, St Jean des Briques mitts bunnymuff giveaway - Day four, Triangle of Happiness









Here is the question:

If you somehow know that your next adventure will go astray, and you’ll be stuck on a desert island for quite some time… how much of your duffle bag do you devote to your knitting material and what would you bring?


bunnymuffbunnymuff designs can be worn anywhere; the new classic knit. Drawing from the forms around us and the shapes that please us, bunnymuff strives to create engaging patterns both beautiful and functional.

Learn more at:


NOTE TO ALL WINNERS: If you win (and big congrats on that!) please contact bunnymuff (aka mona8pi) on ravelry. Once she has your ravelry username, she can “gift” you a copy of your new pattern. 


girliefriend, won the Gare du Nord shawl pattern and Tracey, won the Rule 130 hat pattern! Congratulations!!


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Diane B.
Let’s see … Desert island. Don’t need to waste too much space on clothes, right? So I’ll wear flip flops and a cotton dress, pack one set of undies and another dress to wash. A comb and a toothbrush. My Kindle, because I have to read, and my iPad with my pattern library in KnitCompanion, along with a solar charger. I guess the rest is for knitting. All my markers and lots of needles because they don’t take up much space. Notions bag. Probably fill up the rest with lace weight because it will occupy me the longest. Wanna pick… Read more »

I need space for a few books and a few things to wear. That should leave nearly 3/4space for my knitting. I would take my interchangable needles, a crochet hook to pick up stitches and as many yarn as I can throw in that bag. Maybe I should knit a dress out of cotton before, wear it and when I ran out of yarn, I can frog and reuse the yarn?

I’d bring minimal clothing & knit what else I need! Lacy shawls (no beads–could get lost in the sand), socks, a blanket, maybe handwarmers, but they don’t take as long to knit as socks & shawls. I’d need my set of circs, some stitch markers (some look like they’d be useful for hooking fish!), scissors & stuff like that. My Kindle must come, for reading and for the patterns, though charts are hard to read on it….maybe need an upgrade before I go…. and a solar charger for everything. Chocolate will melt, so I would bring Twizzlers–my other fave food… Read more »
Annie S

Probably half of my duffel would be for knitting supplies. Survival gear like pots and pans and minimal clothing and such would be the other half. I think I’d have to learn to be creative with knitting material on the island. Maybe knit some pillows from leaves?


Desert island. Well that in itself says I don’t need all that many clothes. So… pack a few rolls of duct tape (see the Mythbusters TV show), about 3 weeks worth of underwear, and a few changes of clothes. The rest would be sunscreen and knitting! You need some of the cheap, but strong yarn to make fishing nets and to use as twine. The rest would be devoted to the crafting of large hats, a sun umbrella, and maybe a boat to get off the island. 😀