Lumpy Presents the Grand bunnymuff Giveaway – Day Six

Urban knits
Its the Grand bunnymuff Giveaway – Day Six! Last Day! That means no more free patterns. I means a free book of patterns… and a bonus giveaway to all. To enter answer Lumpy’s question in the comment section. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINAL WINNERS of Urban Knits e-book- (today, there were 3!!)- TempusMori, John, and Lynn

Alas, this is our last day. On the morrow, I leave for a new adventure…

I leave you with an exciting collection of patterns, Urban Knits: A very plucky book of gifts, inspired by my favorite places to visit: cities! And for everyone who participated…please, you are all welcome to download a free pattern of myself, Lumpy, with coupon code “Bon Voyage” in the bunnymuff Ravelry shop. This has been so much fun and getting a little glimpse of the great things about you all!

Many thanks and much aloha!!

(coupon is good, today and through the end of day Pac. time 8 Nov.)


bunnymuff giveaway - day six, Urban Knits Gift


The last question is:

If you could board a ship, the Lune de Bazaruto, tomorrow and pick any location in the world for us to go knit some of bunnymuff’s patterns, where would it be? And what food and/or drink would you take?

bunnymuff designs can be worn anywhere; the new classic knit. Drawing from the forms around us and the shapes that please us, bunnymuff strives to create engaging patterns both beautiful and functional.

Learn more at:

NOTE TO ALL WINNERS: If you win (and big congrats on that!) please contact bunnymuff (aka mona8pi) on ravelry. Then she can get you your free book. 🙂

The 2 winners of the bunnymuff book, From Paris, WIth Love are: Lindaran and Misspennylane!

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The archipelago of Bazaruto would be just lovely … and I bring oatmeal with brown sugar and butter … alternating with the fresh seafood available there. Of course, facing a winter in Chicago, I’d take the oatmeal anywhere on the equator and be happy! Thanks for running this give-away. I just found this site two days ago, looking for knitting sheath information.

Although the ships name brings up words like warmth, sun, sand and Africa to my mind, I would like to ship to Norway. I like the fall weather and colder climate better. I would love to bake for us, maybe pumpkin cheesecake, cinnamon rolls and something with marzipan. And I would bring hot chocolate, coffee, tea, pumpkin spice latte and mulled wine for us. Of course candles and warm blankets would be there, too. I can understand why most people may prefer the warmth, but I can think of a big plus for shipping to Norway: We could all buy… Read more »

New Zealand or the Hebrides Islands. Champagne, of course, and chocolate.

Joanne Alderman

I would go to New Zealand! I was there this past May and absolutely loved it! And it is certainly a knitter’s paradise with all the sheep!

Joanne Alderman

Oops, I forgot about the food part of the question. I would bring anything I could carry. I’m definitely NOT a picky eater, and it shows!