I’ve Been Sick And Now I’m Behind

I'm sick

I’ve been sick and I have been for days and and I’ve been hiding that from you. I was only able to pull that off because I had a few posts mostly, kind of, sort of done. They just need to be finished off and published. But now I’m out of those and I’m just coming out from under it all so I guess its time to fess up and admit that I had the bird flu-ebola-hantavirus-dengay fever this week. So no (real) post for you, just some ramblings a few pictures.

In between feeling sorry for myself I’ve been working on this hat

Some of you will be worried but that’s only because you are soft, sympathetic souls who switch into mommy-mode at the smallest sign of distress. I could probably talk you into coming over and making my bed for me. (I won’t.) So for the ones who worry: I’m okay. I went through the whole typical viral assault and now I’m okay. You know how colds go. At first the only one who knows you are sick is you. You have no outward symptoms but you feel like dog doo-doo. At this stage if you tell anyone you’re sick, or try to call in sick to work, people think you are faking because you seem perfectly fine to them. Inside you know that you are dying.  By the next day you have a fever and you look like death on the outside as well. Then the sympathy comes. You get told “oh no!” and “get some rest” and “you poor thing”. After the fever breaks, and your body has won the war, all that dead virus has to come out of you. You are coughing and snotting your way through the day leaving a trail of phlegm-y tissues in your wake. That’s when the sympathy dries up and no one wants anything to do with you. That’s when you are officially sick. But actually you’re on the mend, you’re okay, and and you know you’re not going to die. That’s where I was yesterday. Today I’m only a little bit officially sick. I manage to pick up my snotty tissues as I go. I can get a real breath every now and then. With some strategic use of medicinal tea, essential oil steam, and cough drops, I can get by.

I’ve been working on this Hue Shift blanket too


But I’m completely behind on everything. My place is a wreck and laundry needs to be done in the worst way. I have no more bank of blog posts to fall back on. The only thing that I kept up with was the care and feeding of bad cats. Bad cats, which are the only kind of cats I’ve ever met, make no exceptions and accept no excuses when their caretakers have the plague. They expect the care-taking to continue. Food must be set out at the agreed upon times. No laying around in bed dying. Kitty litter boxes MUST BE CLEANED out twice a day as always. Humans who slack on that pay dire consequences.

Other duties have to be kept up as well such as

the after dinner brushings of Boy Cats…

… and the entertainment of very bored Feline Overlords.

Soon I’ll be fit for human company. And for actual blog post writing. I just need another day or two of sitting quietly trying to knit and read while being harassed by the fur-faces.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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I am sympathetic enough to tell you that I hope you feel 100% better ASAP. However, you will not talk me into making your bed.

I love seeing your progress on the hue shift afghan. It looks like it would be a relaxing project. And that hat is awesome!

Roseanne Salyer
I had a flu shot, as always. It does NOT always keep me from getting a different flue, but so far I’m good. I would come to make your bed and do the laundry, but I’m in Colorado and I think you are not. So, get better. Isn’t it nice to know you will not die from being sick? Well, some time it will be. I read you because you offer good advice and have a sense of humor. I do not knit, I’m a crocheter and I love it. There is something so very satisfying about making things with… Read more »
Roseanne Salyer

I just realized the Bat Wing Shawl is yours. I was given a lot of lace weight yarn and I think I will give it a go. Lace is not really my thing, but thinkin’ it’s time for a challenge.


I’m glad you are on the mend. Just remember to take things slowly in trying to catch up. Clean clothes will go a long way to making you feel better.


So glad you’re beginning to feel better. I too am getting over the bird-flu etc.etc.virus. It been 2 weeks and still doing the nose-throat thing. I enjoy reading your blog. You are so funny. Talented too. Take care of yourself,get well soon and God Bless!