A Knit-A-Long For Meshed, my color and cable hat

A KAL for Meshed

Meshed is my latest pattern. Its a color and cabled hat and it comes in two sizes. So of course I made two, one in each size. Now I need to make another and you know what that means…. that means we’re having a KAL!

psst… a knit-a-long means I’m hoping you, some of you, will knit this hat with me. And tell me how its going in the comment section. And share pictures of your hat with us. Sharing pictures here is easy once you get the hang of it. 

Step 1) Take the picture (like with your phone)

Step 2) Upload that picture to your ravelry project page

Step 3) Right click the picture and choose the option that is something like “Copy image url” or “Copy Image Location”. If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to select “Properties” and then you’ll find the URL

(and here is a help page for copying an image address in IOS

Step 4) Paste the URL in the comment section and when you post, it will display the picture. 

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Let’s get started!

A Meshed Knit-A-Long


1. Pick your colors. Of yes, love picking colors. Don’t we all? Here are mine:

Meshed hat knit-a-long - my colors
Gina by Plymouth Yarns & Malabrigo Worsted

2. Get your needles, stitch markers, and a cable needle. I love this part too. I love buying, having, and using all the little notions and accessories that go with being a knitter.

Meshed knit-a-long - getting the notions togther

3. Cast on! Now we love casting-on but… casting-on can be dicey. Right? Because we never learned how to count properly, right? Maybe its just me. Maybe I’m the only one who can count every stitch as I cast-on all the way to 80 and then recount to find that there are (inexplicably) 87 stitches on that needle. And I can do that even when no one talks to me in the middle of it and I don’t get up for more coffee and bad kitties don’t leap into my lap and demand more food. I can end up with 87 stitches all on my own thank-you very much.

4. Join to knit in the round and don’t do that with your tail. Which is good, sound advice and I tell myself that every stinking time but it has little effect. In any knitting after the cast on (long tail cast-on method that is) there are two dangling lengths of yarn. In theory I have a 50% chance of grabbing the right one. In reality I grab the wrong one every stinking time.

5. Now that you have cleared the pitfalls of counting and casting on, and knit up the first round, and didn’t find you had run out of yarn halfway through because you were using the stinking tail, its smooth sailing. Really that was the hardest part.

meshed knit-a-long - getting started

And we are on our way!


psst… it is “we” right? Ya’ll are gonna make this hat with me right?

Need the Pattern?

I should probably mention that if you haven’t gotten a copy of this pattern yet, its on sale but only until midnight (central daylight time) tonight. All my patterns are on sale actually.


That sale is over. But you can still get the pattern, of course, and I hope that you will. Its for sale here on ravelry. 

a knitsbyjenn pattern sale

That’s eight patterns, including this one, for $1. So if you haven’t taken advantage of that, get logged in to ravelry and

1. make use of this promotional redeem link

2. and enter this coupon code: ALL-FOR-ONE

That should put all eight patterns in your basket… including Meshed! Then come right back here and join in on this knit-along.

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Very pretty I’ll have to do this soon. Still working on trickery as I am sometimes a slow knitter


I wonder what the queue at yarn.com looks like for buying yarn…


Here’s a tip so that you will be left “just that much short” of having enough yarn when doing the long tail cast on, Use both ends, one from the inside, the other from the outside, then, when you have enough stitches, you can just cut off the end that you don’t want to work from 🙂


correction… So that you “won’t” be left……


I can’t get the coupon to work. Ann