A Row Counter That I Haven’t Lost!

A row counter that I haven't lost... yet.



I haven’t lost it yet. That’s because its wearable. I’ve held on to this baby for two and half weeks and that’s some kind of record for me. It definitely goes on the Stuff Jenn Likes list!

A while back I shared a video tutorial for How to Make your Own Beaded Row Counters. It seemed to be much appreciated. After all, beaded row counters are pretty, they make nice gifts, and they even double as stitch markers. However, that’s not why I make beaded row counters. I make my own row counters because I loose row counters like crazy. One minute its there. The next… its wandering free somewhere in Austin Texas. I’d go broke if I bought a new counter every time I needed one because I need a new one every other day. So I either suffer without a row counter, or make my own from string and the bead stash. Its far more economical.

Case in point, I had planned to take a picture of my (low-tech) beaded row counter next to my new (digital) row counter. Then I was going to have a mini-rant about the mixed blessing of technology and how digital watches have made us all dumber… most kids can’t tell time to save their lives… and how this digital row counter will probably make me dumber too. But I can’t find my beaded row counter. I swear I just saw it two days ago. But now it gone. Poof!

I am not at all surprised that it poof-ed.

But that just makes my continuous ownership of 18 days of this digital row counter all the more impressive. The digital part has nothing to do with my success of course. I’ve held on to this baby because I can attach it to my body.

Stuff Jenn Likes - a digital row counter ring

I did not buy this for myself. I’d given up on buying commercially made row counters. A friend bought this for me for Christmas (Yes Christmas. I am a total pro at manipulating friends and family into giving me my presents early but we’ll just keep that between us.)

So I went looking into where one could buy them, just in case I revert back to my old ways and poof this one too. Turns out two of the companies that I have affiliate deals with sell them. (Jenn, you are such a dork.)

Knit Picks has a white one for $3.95. But don’t buy that one. Sorry Knit Picks.

Amazon will sell you a set of 8 for $7.15. Plus they come in pretty colors. That’s the deal I’d go for.

Set of 8 digital row counters for $7.15 on amazon.




The only pitfall is that I wear it out of the house. I wear it in public. I forget I have it on my finger and I don’t remember to take it off until 2.4 nano-seconds before I need to wash my hands. So plenty of non-crafty types see me with this and I have say “no, its not a watch” a lot. I try to explain what it is but non-crafty types don’t get it and they look at me like I need to adjust my medications.

Stuff Jenn Likes - a digital row counter ring

But I’m not letting that bother one little bit. I have a row counter that I haven’t lost. Yet.

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I’ve heard good and bad things about those. I do love my clover (linky: http://www.amazon.com/Clover-Knitting-Stitch-Counter-Kacha-Kacha/dp/B000WUXO4W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449775603&sr=8-1&keywords=clover+row+counter) and I am almost always wearing it around y neck. I think that’s why I haven’t lost mine! I’ve had it almost 3 years now 🙂


Loosing them is not my problem. My problem is forgetting to turn the counter! I blow right past it over and over. Then I look at my project and wonder just where I am.
I really need someone to sit, watch me work and do the counting for me.


Just put these babies on order with Amazon as well as some nice stitch markers. What a buy!! Thanks so much for sharing this SMILE Helen


Row counters go with point protectors to have a giant rockin’ party never to return again. Anytime I order from a yarn shop I always order at least one of both. Itsy, I’m with you. The day a row counter comes out that clicks or turns itself; I’ll be first in cyber line to buy one. The link will be shared on here if Jenn doesn’t already have it. Wishful thinking:)
Off to but the new counter. Thanks Jenn:)


Thanks, Jenn! I put it on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas!