Turning Knit to Purls and Purls to Knits


Happy Sunday! This Sunday Stitch comes by special request and as such it was a last-minute job. There is a knitter out there that won’t get through Christmas if she can’t turn her knits into purls… or was it purls into knits? I’m so mired down in holiday to-dos that I can’t honestly remember. But no matter, I cover both in the video below.

And pulling a switcher-oo to change knits to purl (or purls to knits) is quite the handy skill. You never know when you’ll look down and realize you purled the last 18 stitches like a doo-doo. Or even worse, when you find a mistaken stitch three rows down.

In this video I demonstrate how to change stitches using first a crochet hook and then using your knitting needles.

Honestly, the method with a crochet hook is easier for me and the one I prefer. If you’re an only-knitting kind of crafter you might want to pick up a hook for just this reason. Check out the Silvalume “Handi-Tool”.

Susan Bates – Silvalume Handi Tool for $2.99 on Amazon (affiliate link)

Its a little tool with a hook on one end and point on the other and its perfect for quick fixes in your knitting. They sell them in most craft and yarn stores. I love mine. I love all three of mine and even blogged about them.

As I say in that video, one of those methods will work for you I just know it. And then you will have the god-like power to switch any stitch in your knitting from knits to purls. And then you can switch them back again. So enjoy!

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Thanks for another great vid. I kind of knew this, but I always get the stitch twisted, so this cleared up that problem for me.


Wonderful video! As always so clear and easy to understand. And I really needed this. Thank you.

Lori T

Thanks Jenn for sharing! How do you pick up a dropped stitch that several rows back in garter stitch? I know how in stockinette.