Hooray Because I Can Get Back to My Knitting!

Hue Shift Afghan In Progress - pattern from knitpicks

I got all my Christmas duties done. I got my presents wrapped. I got my stuff packed. I got my Christmas traveling done. (That is I have the go-there travel done. The go-home travel will come later of course.)

So now I can get back to drinking too much coffee, knitting, and teaching knitting! Which is pretty much what I do the other 51 weeks of the year but this week I’m doing at Mom’s. The only noticeable difference is that I’m sharing space with 4 bad cats (my 2 and Mom’s 2) and Mom does all the cooking.

Since she is cooking for me, I’ll be knitting for her. I’m back at work on the Hue Shift Afghan (pattern from KnitPicks) which is destined to be her new bedspread. Here is how its coming:

In progress Hue Shift Afghan

I have 28 of 100 squares done. I better get busy right? Right. I plan to. In between playing human servant to 4 (four!) Cat Majesties and eating homemade baklava, I’ll be knitting more squares. I’m knitting these with my knit sheath and that’s going well. Not so well that I can brag in a video (yet), but well enough that I can brag in print.


But I do have to put down the knit sheath this afternoon and teach an impromptu clinic for knitters and crocheters. I’ll have to really be on my game because they are all my Mom’s friends and I think she has been exaggerating my talents slightly. Mom’s do that don’t they? But I only have to brilliant for a couple of hours. After that Mom is kicking them all out, probably because it will be time to feed me homemade hamburger soup. Somewhere down the line we are having lamb. I’m told Christmas Day will include sopapillas. Also she wants to “test out” a egg-n-ham sandwich filling on me before bringing it to her church next week.

Mom’s Baklava. No I’m not planning to share any of it.

I plan to be one fat knitter by the time I have to go home.

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Have a very Merry Christmas Jen! I’m hoping that maybe someone bought me the yarn for the hue shift for Christmas. (Please Santa? I’ve been a good girl all year!) This is the first time I have EVER asked for yarn for Christmas, so maybe….


Wishing you and yours…kitties included, a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas. From all of us here in Canada.;-D


Love it! And me too… (the fat knitter part) Oh wait, my doc says that I have already gained too much… Better rethink my plan!

Lorri Helms

Jenn, Have a merry christmas! Have fun with mom and the cats.


Sounds wonderful! I hope you, your Mom and the 4 bad cats have a wonderful Merry Christmas.