The Force Awakens … your need for free Star Wars Patterns!

Free knit and crochet Star wars patterns

Knit and Crochet Patterns for Star Wars Fans

Show of hands… how many of you went and saw The Force Awakens? How many of you stood in line for the first showing? How many of you are still in that line?

If you haven’t yet seen it, no worries. That movie will be in theaters for the next 14 months (probably) and this is a No-Spoilers-Post. That’s what the rest of the internet is for this weekend, talking about that movie. My little corner of the web is for a far more important subject: the knit and crochet patterns you can start right this second to celebrate “the best Star Wars movie in thirty years.”

This is a round-up of what I could find (that’s free): three hat patterns. Its early days though and there will be more. Oh boy am I sure that there will be more. But for now, lets take a look at some free Force Awakens patterns that you can start right now.

The Force Awakens Hat

Let’s get kick it off with this awesome colorwork knit hat.

The Force Awakens Hat by Hannah L
The Force Awakens Hat by Hannah L

The pattern is a freebie so go grab a copy from ravelry, and maybe leave a thank-you for Hanah, the generous designer.

BB-8 Droid Crochet Hat Tutorial

Who doesn’t love BB-8? Un-cool losers who eat their own boogers, that’s who. Everyone else loves that droid and it will probably sweep all the categories at next year’s Oscars. So lets put hats on our heads that make us look like BB-8!

Now this is a two-part video tutorial (from HanDIY Tutorials) rather than a traditional pattern. But if you love BB-8 enough you watch ’em. And make the hat. And wear it on your head. In public.

The Force of BB-8 Awakens

What’s that you say? You don’t crochet? S’ok. There is a BB-8 hat for the knitters.

The Force of BB-8 Awakens – by Camryn Daytona

Of course there is. BB-8 is going to have so many fans, and toys, and gadgets, and what-not it will soon have its own reality TV show.


There you go Star wars fans. Three hats to make and then wear when you go see The Force awakens a second, third, and eleventh time. Enjoy!

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Cynthia Gersin

When crocheting the hat what crochet hook are you using and if I use worsted yarn what size crochet hook should I use.
Do you have the pattern written down?
You do a wonderful tutorial but I do better when it is also written down.
Thanks so much


You’ve saved me. Our son-in-law is an avid Star Wars fan, and I needed more ideas! Going to size down the BB 8 hat for the wee granddaughter–just to make them all laugh!


I wish I didn’t hate knitting colorwork- that “The Force Awakens” hat would be great for my Almost SIL, for next christmas. However, it’s selfish knitting time, & after knitting 9 pairs of mitts for xmas, from June to December, I really deserve my selfish knitting!