All Things Small – a free pattern round up!

Free Patterns to Make Minis! knit and crochet

You know what happened last week after I published the One Hour Sweater pattern?

The One Hour Sweater – one of my free patterns

People liked it. They downloaded it a lot. And it seemed to touch off a resurgence for my Mini Christmas Stocking pattern.

Mini Christmas Stockings – another of my free patterns

Now why a few thousand knitters came to grab that pattern a month after Christmas I don’t really know. But I’m not complaining! Blog love is blog love and I appreciate all the love I get.


These two events combined to drop the clue bomb on my head: the internet likes teeny, tiny stuff and it especially likes free patterns that allow the making of teeny, tiny stuff. Well. Okay then. I’m here to enable.

A Round Up of Free Patterns and Resources to Make Teeny, Tiny Stuff

Starting with the Knits
flintknits’ acorn – a free knit pattern

From flintknits comes this adorable acorn. The link is to her project page but just scroll down. The pattern is in the project notes. Its made with fingering weight yarn on Size 0 needles. Make some for your squirrel plushy so he doesn’t go hungry this winter. Make some as tree ornaments. Then makes some as charms for necklaces, bracelets, and stitch markers.

After that you might be worn out on acorns and need to make tiny bunnies.

Tiny Baby Bunnies from Mochimochi Land

Want to make someone smile? Hand them a bunny the size of a fingernail. You’ll get your smile. You may also get a raised eyebrow and some gentle questions about your mental state. Just tell them they are for next Easter. Tell them you are using up scrap yarn. Tell them they are excellent cat toys. Tell them its your yarn and your time and you can knit tiny baby bunnies if you feel like it. Then go make an army of darling tiny bunnies to use when you take over the world.

Once you have your bunny-army ready, you’ll need to make them a forest to play in (and sprinkle around some acorns).

The Cork Forest from Simply Notable

Everyone needs cabled tree-hats for their corks and wine stoppers. Don’t have any corks around? Well, my craftey friend here is just excuse you were looking for to go buy a bottle of wine (or two). You need to make a cork forest. (You could just buy corks from a craft store but that doesn’t seem as much fun.) Indulge in the vino while you knit because these mini tree-hats are pretty easy.

Moving on to Crochet

You may find that you have made enough cabled trees and still have a few bottles of wine/corks left. What to do? No worries, I got you covered.

Crochet Korknisse (with a Toadstool) Tutorial by Annaboo

You need a few cork gnomes. Don’t they look warm and all bundled up in their crochet outfits? I’m not sure you can stop at just one. You may need to make an entire family. Then you’ll need to make their Toadstool house to live in, and fortunatly for you there is a pattern for that too at the link.

You know what cork gnomes who live in a forest of cork trees with tiny bunnies and adorable acorns need? They need pigs.

Conni Hartig shows you how to make a pig

Little tiny pigs with rather large snouts and eyes that stare worshipfully up at you. You know pigs live in groups don’t you? They are quite social creatures and need many friends.

Now if you have come with me this far and made all this tiny stuff you are really crazy, dedicated, crazy. Let me introduce you to Kim Lapsley who is also crazy, dedicated, crazy. She makes stuff like this:

Tips for Making Teeny-Tiny Micro Crochet Projects

Her method is to take a normal crochet pattern, any crochet pattern out there, and turn it into a mini. That really opens up the playing field doesn’t it? Here is her guide for taking any crochet pattern and making it tiny. Then your pigs can have a blue octopus to play with because… yeah even I can’t come up with something. The octopus may have to go it alone.


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So cute!!! I have those tiny bunnies in my library I think. Because I’m… crazy I suppose lol.


The minis are very cute! Those might be in my future


Fetching indeed.
I would be sorely tempted if my eyesight was better. But I fear those are beyond me. I know tons of children and not a few adults who love to be gifted some of those. I envy you Jenn.


Oh how cute. I love to crochet small items. I learned on thread crochet and still love it. My crazy mind could see those cork gnomes easily becoming a Santa. Thanks for the links. You are such a great enabler!