How to Pick Up and Knit

How to pick up & knit - a free tutorial

Maybe its time to pick up and knit. Maybe you dread that. Maybe when you need to pick up and knit on an edge you tend to put down your project and start something else.

I have a one-needle method I like to use when I have to pick up and knit stitches. Its painless and fast. Maybe I can get you to enjoy not dread picking and knitting quite so much.

But of course how to pick up and knit isn’t only have the issue. The other is getting those new stitches in the right places so your edge comes out nice and even. I got you covered. In the video below I explain how to pick up from a garter stitch edge and a stockinette edge.

How to Pick Up and Knit – a Free Video Tutorial



Practice on an old washcloth or the edge of a scarf. Any knitted edge will work. You can always pull that edge out right? And maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll decided not to pull it out at all. Maybe you start to love picking up and knitting becasue its a great way to add a little something extra to all your knits. Maybe you’ll attack all your old scarfs with fresh yarn and one needle and spruce them up with a new look.

Or maybe you’ll be ready to take on Coasters in Color!

Coasters in Color - a free knit pattern

Its one of my freebie patterns and you can grab a copy right here.


Like knitting tutorials? Awesome. I have more.
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I love the video! The only thing I do differently is I use a crochet hook of appropriate size because I tend to accidently lose the stitches I am picking up. The only thing you have to remember when using a hook though, is that the stitches (except for the first and last for some reason) are backwards so you do your next row through-the-back-loop. I also just finished a project that had a *ton* of pick ups πŸ™‚


That is cute and totally worth the fussing.


I’ve been doing a lot of garter stitch edge pickups lately on my snowy woods log cabin blocks. I also pick up between the ridges, but under only one loop instead of two. I know some people say to pick up in the ridges, but I don’t like the look of it as much, and when I’m teaching it’s hard for the tight knitters to get in the ridges! So between it is.

Cindi Patton

Thank you for the lesson. Your videos are so informative. I will be taking current Valentine Shawl to my Dr. and teach her and her crew how to make them for themselves. Teach a man to fish and he or she will eat for a lifetime kinda thing. So I will start on mine for Fall in March. I hope.


Thank you so much for this video. Just today I was searching for help on how to pick up stitches on a garter edge and found many, but I must say yours is the most user friendly. I’m so fortunate to have found rovingcrafters.


Great tutorial! Wish I had seen the video 2 weeks ago. I could have had an easier time with the Carlisle Scarf (on ravelry). Mine turned out okay but knowing the techniques in this video would have made the project easier to do.
Thank you for teaching us a better way!