A Day For Me

a day to recharge

I needed a day. A day to recharge and reset.

A day out in the sun looking at things that are not a computer screen.

rest your eyes by looking off into the distance
Looking off into the distance relieves eye strain.


A day to get re-hydrated (and run to the bathroom every 23 minutes).

Many time what feels like exhaustion is dehydration.

A day to figure out how to properly slice a mango.

and mangoes are just yummy

The way I have eaten mangoes in the past is to hack into them with a small boning knife, pull off big hunks, and eat them while standing over the kitchen sink. I eat oranges the same way. Its not pretty. Its a bit of a Conan the Barbarian approach to fruit eating. So today I decided to learn the popper way to slice up a mango so that I could eat one in public if I ever need to.

I also needed a day to finish a fingerless mitt.

A first fingerless mitt


So that got done. Now I just need to make the second mitt…. and tweak the pattern a bit more. I’ll admit to being very picky about the way gloves fit. I’m as picky about that as I am about socks. Before I declare this little mitt ready to meet other knitters I’ll have to give it a few improvements and maybe a photo tutorial.


Hope you are having a pretty good day too. And if I gave you a craving for mangoes I’m not a bit sorry. But I will send you over to mango.org where the president of the National Mango Board (yes that is a real thing) will show you how to properly cut up a mango.


Eddied to add: Whoops! I forgot I was supposed to mention that the website is migrating. Again. Nothing outward will change and all the old bookmarks will still work. But rovingcrafters.com doubled in traffic last month. Again. So the web-geeks that I pay to host this site are telling me we gotta upgrade to a new a server. The migration begins in the next day or so and will take up to 72 hours to complete. During that the transition everything should be up and working just fine… probably. They said everything would be fine… probably. Which means it won’t be fine. We all know how computer upgrades go. So if in the next few days you find that the site is down I want you to be assured that A) it is not my fault and B) it should get fixed shortly.

They have top men working on it.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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I’m an advocate of the dice method of mango slicing: Peel the mango, then cut in a cross-hatch pattern on all sides, down to the pit. Then slice parallel to the pit & you’ve got nice chunks o’ mango to enjoy.

More than one way to skin a…. er, ummmm…..mango. The husband slices it like in the photos, then takes the two bigger “halves” and cross-hatches the flesh, then pops it inside out. Then he cuts the little squares off of the skn. Neater than standing over the sink with mango juice running down my chin, forearms and dripping off of my elbows onto the floor. Of course, Lucy, my kitchen dog is ALWAYS alert and ready to go to work. Lotta dog spit on my floors but not a drip or one little crumb escapes her keen nose and sense… Read more »

That sounds like the best day ever. Glad to see you’re moving on up~~


What a wonderful relaxing day!!! We all need those kind of days!!!


So happy you took a “me” day!! It’s soooo good for the soul!!! Enjoy and I’m also glad blog traffic is growing!


Congrats on the blog traffic. That is great news! Me days are sanity savers. Maybe you should take a couple just for good measure. Love the color combo in those mitts. Happy me day.