He has been waiting so patiently for me

Handspinning silk

Do you have a few minutes? Great. I was wondering if you could help me pick my next boyfriend spinning project.

I’m in the mood for a fling. Something different, fun, and short. We are talking limited time duration without commitments. A no-going-home-to-meet-the-parents kind of relationship. Its okay. I’m a big girl with plenty of dating spinning experience and I can handle myself.

I’ve lined up a few candidates. It wasn’t hard. The are all eagerly hoping for some attention. You know the type: needy and willing to please.


First up is Jason. He’s nice. He’s a cute little 4 ounce ball of 80% wool and 20% silk. He looks like a cuddler don’t you think? Me too. And I had something a bit more exotic in mind.

fiber for handspinning - wool and silk blend


So let’s move on to Dirk. He’s a bit exotic with that bad boy edge. I flirted with him a bit and turns out he’s a 50/50 wool silk blend. yep, Dirk has potential but… he’s 12 ounces. That’s more than I’m ready to take on right now.

fiber for handspinning - wool and silk blend


Am I being too picky? Well, you may be right about that. But there are plenty of candidates in that dating bar fiber storage closet so let’s not give up too soon. Here. Meet Zane. Zane is a wild child. He’s 100% tussah silk from an unknown source. Zane is a bit coarse for silk but… he can be had for $2 an ounce, or so it says on his faded old label. And there is only 4 ounces to him so I could gobble him up in just a week or too. Yes, Zane has potential so let’s keep him on the back burner for now.


Let me introduce you to Bram and his twin brother Bryn. They’ve been calling, trying to get some time with me for years. I picked them up years ago in a club yarn store in Fredericksburg and boy, they sure are expensive dates. These two hand painted silky boys have quite high opinions of themselves.  But I’m thinking… maybe they can deliver. I’ll put them on the fast whorl, spin them quick, and with plenty of twist. And they are just such pretty little boys, how can I say no?

So Bram and Bryn it is. Thanks for helping me pick. And no you can’t play with any of the rejected candidates. I’m keeping them. I have to have someone to fool around with once Bram/Bryn and all plied up and tucked away won’t I?

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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But Dirk keeps winking at me! 😀


It’s all good then because it’s Zane that is making sweet eyes at me, lol! No fuss, no fight, right?


I wish I was a better spinner and that my roving wasn’t still in the freezer! (Still not allowed to use stairs very often so I haven’t had a chance to thaw/re-freeze the natural fiber yarn yet.)


Too funny! Loved your post. And your final choice. For now…


This was a cute discussion of your next spinning Project. I really enjoyed the story and the pictures Too!


Loved this. Wondered if you could combine Zane with the twins, since I don’t know much about spinning, but that could get kinky-multiple roving.