Two Ways to Knit a Garter Stitch Tab

knit garter stitch tab 2 ways - a free tutorial

What’s a garter stitch tab? Its that particular way of starting a triangular shawl. You begin with a tiny, really quite tiny, garter tab. Then you knit along the side of that tiny tab which squishes it out of shape. And this tab serves as the foundation for your triangular shawl.

By triangular shawl, I mean those that start at the neck and work their way out and down with each row.

Construction of a triangular knit shawl


Zetor uses this type of construction (and its a free pattern so feel free to grab yourself a copy!).

My Zetor shawl

If your looking for something in a thicker yarn, there is Coral Cove (also a freebie which you can get a copy of right here).

Coral Cove by Taiga Hilliard



How to Knit the Garter Stitch Tab – Two Ways

Personally I start on DPNs and then knit on to my long shawl needle with “row 1”. I find it less fiddly and easier to manage that way. But however you get it done, that garter stitch is quickly made and you’ll be on your way to making triangular shawls in no time.


Like free tutorials? Me too. I post one (nearly) every Sunday and they cover knitting, crochet, and handspinning stuff. You can find them all right here.

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OOoo ! That is so much easier than it reads. I very much like he dpn way, and I have not seen that before. Very cool, and very easy indeed. Now, if you could magically find a way for me to concentrate on a lace pattern, I would make shawls without end. I have stopped trying for now, and am working on crochet instead…for now. I have a lovely set of Chiao Goo lace needles, and some cob web silk, and hope to make myself one of those lovely shawls that can be pulled through a wedding ring. Yep…that’s on… Read more »

Thanks for showing us how to do that . I love the shawls you have listed as well.


Sure wish this was a pictorial, I can’t watch videos/u tube type things…maybe another time