Time to Knit!

A timed knitting demonstartion using extra bulky weight yarn

Its time to knit.


Okay, so for me its pretty much always time to knit/crochet/spin. But in this post I’m trying to be clever. I timed myself, while knitting up the Blueberry Muffin Snood cowl that the folks from We Are Knitters sent. Big knits are fast knits. Just how fast? That’s what I wanted to find out.

We Are Knitters sent me the Blueberry Muffin Snood cowl kit to try out. I went into some detail about the kit and what it included in a previous post. But here is the quick version:

Blueberry Muffin Snood kit from We Are Knitters

  • the pattern
  • 1 ball of The Wool in pink (color L647). The Wool is their signature line of extra bulky weight yarn. Its a single ply, #6 yarn in 100% Peruvian wool.
  • US 19 wooden needles
  • notions

We Are Knitters sent me all this in the hopes that my readers will be intrigued and order some yarn/needles/kits of course. To help that along they’ve given me a discount code to pass along:

  • the code: ROVINGWAK
  • it gets you: 20% anything in the store
  • good until: April 14, 2016

Now I think the big appeal of extra bulky weight yarn is in how fast it works up. The bigger the yarn, the sooner you have a Finish Off in your hands, right? Right. So I knitted my snood cowl up in one sitting, in front of the camera so that we could all find out just how fast that Finish Off can take.


About 90 minutes for me and I’m an average speed knitter. NINETY MINUTES! That’s less time than it takes to watch a Star Wars movie. Its less time then you spend when you go out to eat at a restaurant. It might be less time than it would take to clean up your email inbox and you didn’t want to do that anyway.

There you go. In an hour and a half you can go from cast on to finish off. That’s a pretty quick knit. Its veeeeeery satisfying too. I suppose other knitters have other reasons for knitting with the big stuff but for me the speed of it eclipses other virtues. So if you are looking to a quick knit, this is the way to go.


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Thanks for sharing Jenn. That color suits you. Goes with your complexion. Hope your weekend is going well. Until tomorrow. 🙂


Hi Jen, Love your blog and look forward to all your videos. I’m in England so not sure if I can get The Wool from We Are Knitters. Can you tell me the wraps per inch please?


A great idea for the last minute! I forgot I needed a gift! Where DID I put put that gift!!!! I’ll order one and put it back for just that occasion. Now if I can only remember where I put it! Thanks for the coupon. They are an interesting company.


Can’t wait to get mine started!!! Waiting for my kit to arrive!!!!