Simple Knitted Flowers

Simple knitted flowers

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter Sunday! 

Its spring time and that is a time I look forward to all winter long. I’m a cold-natured, half-lizard, winter-hating wimp. So I’ve been on the lookout for signs of spring since about New Years. Well spring is here. Finally. I see green grass and birds building nests. And I see flowers, those first, much appreciated, early spring flowers.

Which inspires me to make my own flowers! Out of yarn! Now there are thousands of ways to make flowers from yarn. If you’re into yarn flowers you certainly have your pick of styles and designs. The knitted flowers I’m making are simple, easy and you hardly even need a pattern. (They are based on the same style and construction as the Simple Crochet Flowers I showed in a previous post.)

Simple Knitted Flowers


The pattern:

Cast On 20 sts

Row 1: *k, kfb* repeat to end (30 sts)

Row 2: k

Row 3: *k2, kfb* repeat to end (40 sts)

Row 4: k

Bind Off. Weave in the bind off end. Then fold the flower into a shape you like and use the cast on end to sew up.

But if spring hasn’t yet reached you where you live, or if you’re not into making yarn flowers, its still a special day. Happy Easter. I hope yours is bright and full of new life. You know we all say that we wish Christmas wasn’t so commercialized. Easter is like that; its been spared most of the commercialization of the modern age. So enjoy it.


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Have a Blessed Easter


Happy Easter Jen ~ Thanks for the sweet flower pattern ~


Thanks for the cute patterns and I hope you had a peaceful and blessed day. And…….yay Spring! Alabama is blooming out all over.


The wonderful things about yarn (crochet or knit) are their long bloom time, and no pollen! Given that we are still under 10″ of snow, I’m tempted to make up a bunch and plant them!