Not Intarsia The Cowl – and a free download code

Not Intarsia the Cowl - a knitting pattern

Did you miss me yesterday? I didn’t miss you much. Sorry. That is a terrible thing to say isn’t it? Sorry. Its not personal I swear. Its just that yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I simply HAD TO finish up this little colorwork cowl.

Not Intarsia the Cowl
Not Intarsia the Cowl

It was nice and warm in Austin yesterday. So warm that even I, the second biggest cold-wuss in the whole state (the biggest is my mom) turned on my my air conditioning for an entire hour. But I knew the warm temps wouldn’t last. I’ve lived through plenty of springs in Texas I knew the weather would turn on me. It did. Today I’m freaking freezing.

Good thing I had my new cowl all nice and ready to wear. Since it matches the Not Intarsia fingerless mitts I finished a month (or so) ago I had cowl AND mitts ready to wear. Ha!

Not Intarsia the Cowl - a knitting pattern that uses slip stitches to mimic intarsia
Not Intarsia the Cowl
So that, my read readers, is why I neglected you yesterday. But I’m ready to make it up to you with a code good for one free download. Here is how that works:


  1. Click over to the Not Intarsia the Cowl pattern page on ravelry
  2. Click the “buy it now”
  3. When the pop-up window comes up, click on “use coupon code” and enter this: CowlinColor


The code will be good until midnight (Central Daylight Time) on April 14th. If you like and, and you use it, please remember to click that “add to favorites” button in the upper right corner of the pattern page. That helps me get ranked up in the ravelry search engines.

This little cowl only takes 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. That would be 200 yds in two colors. I used Inspiration and Success form Noti Yarn for mine. And while it looks like intarsia knitting, its not. Its made with the same construction as the matching fingerless mitts. In fact, I’d say this cowl is easier than the mitts since there is no shaping, no increases, no decreases to make a thumb.

Really, its not a hard knit, it just looks that way. I love (love love love) designing things that look difficult but employ a simple trick. So for this cowl you’ll need the two colors of fingering weight yarn and two US size 3 circular needles. Yep, two needles. Its the two needles that gets you out of having to do intarsia.

I hope you’re intrigued. I hope you’ll give it a try. I’m telling ya, a light-weight cowl is perfect for spring when the weather can turn on you faster than a house cat can go from a sweet companion purring on your lap to a wicked villain who wants to tear the flesh off your hand.

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I love it!!!!!!!


Oh goodie! I know you’re a fast, fast knitter, but about how many days did this take you to finish? I have some fingering weight yarn sitting here, and a trip next week. Is his possible?

Alice Imholte

Thank you..I downloaded the mitts when they were offered and have the pattern in my ‘to-do’ bag with yarn……I will add a bit more and make the set now!
And how did I miss that you were from Austin? I live up north of you just a bit…….we are practically neighbors!!!

Sue Rose

Like the look of this and winter is coming down under, however I think I have benefited enough from your generosity, I paid for the pattern! (pinkdiamond on Ravelry), Possibly not as philanthropic as it sounds as even with our exchange rate only cost $2.27 lol, but you deserve it.


Wow! Thanks. It looks both quick and stylish. But today I really needed an overcoat. . Brrrr