Random Progress on a Random Monday

adding a knitted on border

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Whatcha working on?

Me? I’m still adding my knitted on border to this Pie Are Square Shawl. Its endless coming along. For every stitch that was on the needle I have to work two rows of this lace edging. In the little lace edge that I’m using the rows undulate gracefully from 9 to 12 stitches per row. So that means this plan of adding a lace edging instead of just binding off has turned each stitch on the final row of my shawl into 18 to 24 stitches. Which might have something to do with why its taking for-freaking-ever.

Huh. Whose idea was this? I might need to have a serious sit down with her about her brilliant plans because this particular plan is making me feel a bit like a crazy person. I’m stuck in knitted-on-edge-limbo. I knit these little rows, and I knit them really fast, but nothing much ever seems to happen. I swear I’m in the same place on this border as I was two days ago.

Which might explain why a fingerless mitt happened.

Hey you know how these things happen. One day I was packing up my knitting-on-the-go bag and this ball of Chroma fingering weight yarn accidentally fell in there. Some size 2 double points might have accidentally fallen in with them. That day I might have accidentally started a new project.

But I’m still going on my knitted on lace edge. I am, really. I work on it diligently. I knit row after tiny row until the lack of all visible progress makes me feel dizzy and weak and bored out of my skull. Then I sneak in a few rounds with my secret green paramour. I can’t help it. He makes me feel like my stitches mean something. He doesn’t take all my effort and yarn and swoosh it into a back hole like a certain shawl we all know. He cares about me. As soon as I get that knitted on edge finished me and the shawl are having “the talk”.

So.. whatcha cheating on? I mean working on?

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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LOL! Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Blame EZ. And your Mom.

Becky (Quirky Urban Girl)

That is so funny that you blogged about this little project. I was just thinking about how it was coming along. Good to see the progress!!
I just cast on a shawl and I am almost… okay most of the way finished with my Ballerina shawl. I cast on a cute little felted bag and finished it in less than a day. That was my cheat project!


I know exactly how you feel. It’s the reason I have sworn off fingering and lace weight yarns forever – 4 times! It takes so long to see any progress that I get bored with the once intriguing but now monotonous pattern and sick of the once beautiful (and expensive) but now plain yarn. I don’t have the heart to totally abandon these endless projects so I call them WIPs and buy more needles with which to start yet another project.


I technically didn’t cheat- swatching isn’t cheating, it’s planning ahead!

I also know just how you feel. I started one of these in the midst of a February, runny nose cold 3 – 4 years ago. Mindless knitting seemed the thing to do and my basket contained several balls of assorted worsted weight, handspun Shetland yarn in greys and off white. The following October it was finally complete. The edging was, as you described, like a never ending journey. I do love the shawl even though it is so heavy I can barely pick it up (that is an exaggeration). It is wonderfully warm and garners compliments which compensates for… Read more »