On my free day

Freedom on Memorial Day

Yesterday was a free day for me. I didn’t have to work or teach or do anything. I don’t get many of those days. But really everyday of my life as been free. That is to say I was born and raised in the United States and so I enjoy the maximum amount a freedom a woman can have in this world. That freedom comes at a cost and its a cost that I haven’t had to pay. Not really. I’ve never put on a uniform, picked up a gun, and faced down an enemy. So on Memorial Day I make a point of remembering all those who did pay the price for freedoms I enjoy. I also make a point of enjoying those freedoms.

On my free Memorial Day 2016 I indulged in my other passion, the one that isn’t yarn related: photography. As soon as it stopped raining, before the gutters were even finished draining…

I was out with my camera.

There is always plenty to photograph in central Texas this time of year. Lady Bird Johnson, that grand dame First Lady of Texas (and the United States) was passionate about native flowers and native plants in general. Back in her day she convinced most of Texas to not-mow-the-fields until after all the wild flowers have bloomed and gone to seed. That way Texas would get wild flowers every year.

Well, we are still doing that. We are still not mowing down the fields until late summer.┬áBy the end of May, fields in central Texas are usually so tall with grass and flowers that a short person like me can’t even see over it all. So yesterday as soon as the sun peeked out from the storm clouds, I was out walking the least muddy path I could find and stopping every two feet to take a picture.

Basket Flower

These flowers have been weathering all the rains much better than I have.

Mexican Hat

But that isn’t too surprising. I hate wet weather. Its damp and chilly and all the molds turn me into a sneeze monster.

Bee Balm

But those wild flowers think otherwise. They like it. They are growing like… wild.

Indian Blanket

I do like taking pictures of flowers. But every now and then I find something else to chase down with my camera.

Like a turtle walking down the same muddy path I am.

By the time I got close to him he was doing his best impersonation of a muddy rock of course. But I wasn’t fooled. That’s a turtle.

Quite a good-sized turtle in fact.

Yes I put my lens cap on his shell for scale. I know that was a little bit mean of me. But then I left him alone to enjoy his time in the sun. I’m sure he wanted to get warm.

And that was my free day. I spent it taking pictures of flowers and harassing hapless turtles. Thank-you to all who have served in the armed forces especially those who gave their lives for my freedom. It means everything to me.

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Hazel Blumberg-McKee

Alas, spent the whole weekend working! I have a tight-deadline proofreading project that has to go out by Thursday, so I was working maniacally on it. Finished it, to my relief and delight, a little while ago. Woo hoooo! I think I’ll take the rest of the week off.


It sounds like you had a well deserved day of rest and renewal. Lovely pictures to share with us too. It is a shame you couldn’t see the color of your turtle’s eyes, because I would bet, based on the very muddy bottom end, that your friend had spent the morning laying eggs. I totally understand. There is no way to out wait a reptile.
Don’t float away Jenn. We have a whole week ( at least) of this wet stuff to get thru.


I lived in East Texas for a year. I am a wild flower Nut Case and took lots of pictures there. Toad flax was one of my favs….so tiny yet complex. Thanks for your flower pix. It reminded me of my time there. Visited the Lady Bird Wild Flower Reserve there, too. Just lovely


What a wonderful way to spend a well deserved day off! Your photography is fabulous. Central Alabama is finally getting some of your rain today. Along with thunder,lightening and hail. Jeez but we needed the wet stuff. Texas is hoarding our rain. Lol.


It’s great to think about our veterans on this day and it makes me proud to be an American Glad that you were able to be spending your freedom in nature and beautiful photography