Organizing is more fun than cleaning

Organizing the patterns

So this is my dead-tree pattern collection. That’s what I call the patterns that I have printed copies of. I supposes all of the patterns in my books and magazines are dead-tree pattern too but they are much easier to keep track off. They live on the bookshelf. These dead-tree patterns live under my coffee table.

Yeah it is pretty shameful. I do the yarn thing semi-professionally and I should do a better job of keeping my printed patterns organized. I’ve been meaning to get around to organizing this collection mess for about… 6 months. Then the day came and I had a choice between cleaning and organizing.

I’m sure you already know which task got done. Exactly. Organizing is more fun than cleaning!

So I pulled out an empty binder and a three-hole punch and set to work.

It turns out I had some pretty nifty stuff in that collection mess, stuff I had completely forgotten about. Stuff like:

  • an article on Andean plying. Andean plying is a way to play from two ends of the same ball. You know, I’ve been meaning to write a post about that.

  • notes for three original designs that I knitted up and, errrrr, gave away. I should probably look through those and see if I want to make those again/publish them.

  • the Pixie Purse pattern from Knit Picks. Oooooo I remember this now! I loved this pattern. I was going to make up a bunch of these little coin purses and have them ready for when I needed a last minute gift.

That still seems like a good plan.

the Pixie Purse, via Knit Picks

And I do have at least one purse frame in my craft drawer waiting for a purse to be made so I can attach it. All I need to do is find some fingering weight yarn…

… and I seem to have some.

So I’m casting on for my Pixie Purse. After that I may head out to get more purse frames.

See? I told you organizing was more fun than cleaning.

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Have to laugh because I do the exact same thing, print off all sorts of patterns, stack them and then organize later and find lots of projects to start!!! More patterns than time!!! LOL


Now you’ve done it. I brought home boxes from Costco a couple weeks ago, to try to tame part of the fiber that seems to be breeding in my “office, er, corners, er, everywhere”. I got distracted by life, a cat, and the little 90 pound dog. . I have made myself promise to fill at least 2 of the boxes AND label them before I cast on. Sigh.


Organizing can be dangerous. Pro tip: Do Not throw anything out. I always regert that.

Guess I’m in good company. I don’t think there is a knitter on Gods green earth that doesn’t have a pile of patterns that require organizing. I think it just goes with the territory. You tell yourself that you have enough patterns and yet one more presents itself that looks so pretty that you have to print it off to, only to be piled on top of all the others. You tell yourself that you’ll get organized eventually. Some day soon. And you do eventually get organized, only to start the cycle all over again. :). Its called knitting 101.… Read more »
Carol C

On the same theme, well sort of, I am a beginner … not a finisher! I have bags upon bags of partially knitted somethings. I keep promising myself I won’t begin another project until I finish those. But then something really nifty comes along, and I happen to have that yarn in my stash, and …


Same here. If I had to finish all my in progress projects I would live forever. But I look at it as I’ll never be without a project. No matter what.