Beadwork in Crochet – Part 1

Setting beads in crochet

Let’s do some beadwork! Let’s add beads to our crochet (and later on to our knitting). Its not hard and the results can be just amazing. You’ll be adding sparkly embellishments in no time. Trust me when I say adding beads to crochet (and knitting) is hands-down the best way to personalize a project.

Why? Because you can add beads to almost any design, to almost any piece, and not have to modify the pattern. So don’t hold back. Don’t wait until you are working on a pattern that calls for beads, or as is more often the case, includes an option for adding beads. Beads are always an option. You can add them in anytime you like.

So let’s get started on how to do that. I have an ambitious series on beadwork-with-yarn planned.

(I’m not promising to have them all posted one right after another. There may be some non-bead-y posts in the middle but you know me… I’ll get it all done. Eventually!) 

Yes, I do like beads. One of my closest friends is fond of saying “Let’s bling that sh!t out”. While I am usually trying (and usually failing) to cure myself of saying cuss words, I find myself in complete agreement with that statement. Indeed. We can bling our sh!t out anytime we like.


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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Oohhh now you’ve done it! I’ve been entranced by beaded knitting for years, just no courage or instructions. May I suggest adding another in the list? Spinning yarn with beads. I just read a blog from someone doing that, so now want my favorite Sunday instructor to teach me!


I have to agree with Llamamom! I just got my new wheel a week ago, & I’m now in the process of Spinning All The Things. Adding beads sounds like it would be so much fun to learn!
But if not, my inner parrot is going to be soooo happy when I start adding beads to my knitting!