Knitting with Beads by Pre-Stringing

Knitting with beads by pre-stringing

I’m doing a series of playing with both yarn and beads at the same time. Err…. I’m doing a series wherein I try to convince you to play with yarn and beads at the same time.

Most patterns don’t call for beads but that shouldn’t stop you. You can add beads to a knit any time you like! There is more than one way to get that done. Today I’m pre-stringing beads and then knitting. By that I mean I string all the beads I’ll need onto the working yarn and then cast-on. Then I pull a bead up and work it into my knitting.


With this technique I can set beads on the “bar” that runs between stitches

knitting with beads

or on the side of a stitch itself.

knitting with pre-strung beads

I can even stack multiple beads on a stitch and get a unique effect.

knitting with beads

Try it on your next knit. I think you’ll love how easy it is to add that little extra something with beads.

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for all of OOOoooo !! I am loving the “beads on yarny things” tutorials. Thanks so much for all of them Jenn. Thank goodness we have peaceful things to keep our thoughts on these days. I have to think that perhaps the next version you show us, will place a bead on the knit side of the fabric. I am just old enough, that to me, the knit side looks like the ‘right side’, and the purl side looks like the “wrong side”. I am saving your videos to my laptop, so I can watch them over and over, while… Read more »

Thanks Jenn I really like the effect the beads give. Adding a little POP! never hurst.