Baby has a Sweater

February Baby sweater

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There is a baby still cooking away in his/her mommy oven but it already owns a sweater. A very nice sweater if I do say so myself. Its a Baby Sweater on Two Needles, more commonly known as February Baby. Its from the February collection of patterns found in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Like it? Many knitters do. February Baby has nearly 9000 projects posted to it in ravelry and since its publication an adult sized version has been designed called February Lady. So really a knitter could make matching sweaters for mommy and baby!

I’m not making a matching February Lady. Nope. My generosity doesn’t extend that far. But it did extend to handmade buttons.

Dorset buttons

These are Dorset buttons. I started with a plastic stitch marker for the base ring and then made the buttons with some left-over fingering weight yarn. If that is your thing, and being able to whip out a set of buttons is super handy, you can find my video tutorial for Dorset buttons right here.

Dorset buttons on February Baby

Then I added the label. I want this baby to know that even though I’m not family, I made him/her something with love.

handmade is love label

All babies need love… and they know it. They need love and attention and care and bottles, blankets, diapers, clothes, special soaps, doctor visits, a crib, a bassinet… and they need handmade sweaters. I got that last one covered. The rest is up to his/her beleaguered mom.


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Just adorable Jenn, mommy will love it!
The buttons are cute too, a nice finishing touch-and you can tell all were made with love.
Keep up the posts, we all enjoy them so much!


Beautiful sweater! Thank you for the buttons, too!!!

Amy C

A very cute sweater and the color is wonderful! I love the contrasting handmade buttons, too. I still have a packet of labels, but never seem to be able to make myself sew them in. Why not?! It only takes a few minutes – paltry next to the time I invested in the garment.

Cindi Patton

You are a sweet dear soul Jennifer. I’m glad to know you.


What a sweet and thoughtful gift. The new mom will have her day lighten for sure.