You Know When


You know when you wake up one morning with a headache and a runny nose and swollen eyes and you think some wretched person has given you a summer cold? You know how you immediately get up and down 3000mg of vitamin C and brew up half a gallon of chamomile tea? Then you take some echinacea and some acidophilus and some B vitamins and even a zinc lozenge (which you hate with the power of a thousand suns) because you are NOT GETTING A COLD THIS SUMMER?

You know how when you wake up the morning after all that and you feel a thousand times better? So you celebrate by casting on for a new project even though your fingerless mitts are only an day or two away from being finished?

Almost finished pair of fingerless gloves

Yeah. That happens to me too.

Celebrate with a new cast-on!

And after you cast-on and work up an inch or two of your (future) sleeveless summer t-shirt in CotLin DK yarn, you take a break to swallow another 3000mg of Vitamin C and start brewing more chamomile tea because you are NOT GETTING A COLD THIS SUMMER, right? Right.

a centered double decrease in knitting

Btw, you might want to pick up more toilet paper on your next trip to the grocery store. All that chamomile tea means a trip to the little girl’s room every 7.5 minutes. But its better than getting a summer cold.


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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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My sympathies! We have found, from, some atrocious tasting but miraculous stuff called Kick Ass Immune. Beats up on colds, flu. Wonderful stuff. They have other stuff that works well too!

I’m trying hard not to cast on, as hubby invited a small horde of unknown to me relative for the 4th. I need to be cleaning, darn his hide!


Had a dear friend who had one of many rules. The rule was, He who invites, cleans, but the women of the house will still cook.


Hate a cold. Summer, winter, in between, don’t matter. Hate it.
Stay well And Knit on.


Hope you feel better soon! Here it’s all allergies, all the time, but a summer cold would be much worse.
Can’t wait to see you new top as it comes along – are you making up a new design? I hope I’m making a cotton top also, but it may actually be a kite. Or a kitchen towel. Hard to say. Right now it’s a huge stripey loop.

Cindy C

To mis-quote the most interesting man in the world… Stay Healthy My Friend.


My sympathy to you. Hope you feel better soon. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids.