How to Spin Beads into your Yarn

add beads to your handspun yarns

I’ve been working on a long series about beads and yarn and how beads can make your yarn much more special sparkly.

Here is the last of that series. Added at the request of more than one roving crafter… how to just add the beads in at the very beginning when you are making the yarn.

Its not hard. Its can be a little time consuming, but that never scared a true yarn addict did it? Nope!

There is more than one way to get those pretty, sparkly beads into your handspun yarns. I’m demonstrating my favorite way. It sets the bead right into the fiber, keeps it locked into place, and I never have to worry about the beads shifting. If I spun the yarn, strung beads onto one of my singles, and then plied together…. I’d have beads on yarn much faster. But beads added that way shift and slide some along your single. It also introduces a place where you will can split your yarn apart as you knit and/or crochet.

Which is why I add beads in as I spin the singles. Here is how

Step 1: Pre-sting beads onto bits of fiber

adding beads to handspun yarns

For this you’ll need the fiber to be spun (duh) some beads (double duh) and a tool to get those beads onto the fiber. I use dental floss threader.

With your threader, place a bead on the pointy end…

adding beads to fiber with a dental floss threader

a small bit of fiber through the loop…

threading beads onto fiber

and then push the bead onto the fiber. So easy this way.

how to handspin yarn with beads

Then make lots more.

beads pre-strung onto fiber and ready for spinning

Step 2: Spinning the beaded yarn

Grab your wheel/drop spindle and the rest of your fiber because now you are ready to spin up some beaded yarn.


Like I mention in the video above, its not a fast, speed-orient technique but it gets the job done. With this method your beads will stay in place on the yarn.  

Enjoy spinning beads into all your future handspun yarn!

The Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord performs her inspection of my roving.
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WOW Jenn !!! You sure did a LOT of work, in order to show us all of the clever ways of adding beads to our own needlework. I hope you are feeling better today too. My gosh, it really is amazing, that the beads can be put in, prior to spinning the singes into a fully plied, ready to use yarn. No dang wonder it is so expensive to buy!!! I had to jump on the bandwagon, and get beads that would fit on my threads and yarns. Had to order them from Australia…and now Canada Post is threatening a… Read more »

Wow! Just Wow!


Wow. I’m only a very new spinner, but I’m definitely adding this to my list of things to try out!

Just a quick question though – what else could I use instead of a dental floss threader to thread the beads onto the fibre?

I’m in Australia, and I’d never heard or seen of dental floss threaders until this series about adding beads to projects- I even checked my work (Woolworths, one of the two major supermarkets here) and couldn’t find them!


I believe the first in her series shows you how to add beads using a crochet hook


Thank you Jenn, it looks very doable!