Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – the Texas Ranger Edition

Spinning in Cowgirl Boots - texas ranger edition

Ready for another Spinning in Cowgirl Boots? Ready for a rather long Spinning in Cowgirl Boots? I hope so.

Last week I went to a local yarn store to buy needles and accidentally bought some handpainted roving. Remember that? Well, that roving has been whispering to me and begging me to come and play with it. So today I did. I spun it up in one sitting.

Impressed? Don’t be. I spun it quick and thick. I took a “get ‘er done” approach to that roving. And while I was spinning all rough and ready like, I told a few of the many (many) colorful tales from the history of the Texas Rangers. They had a “ger ‘er done” attitude too.


Those old-time Texas Rangers really were the stuff of legends. They were capable, brave, foolish and not a bit politically correct. They’ve been loved, feared, and hated all in turn. ┬áThe thing about Texas Rangers is that they always came through when you needed them.

And so do I (lol). I said I’d spin all that yarn up today and I did. Got ‘er done. Now it just needs to be finished off and that’s where the ball of black cotton thread comes in.


But I think I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post. Wrapping that yarn around some thread will go even faster than the spinning up did and I wouldn’t want to look like a show off. Much.

If you enjoy listing to me ramble on (and on and on) I have more Spinning in Cowgirl Boots for ya!.

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Always love your Spinning videos. Loved hearing about the great Texas Rangers. One of my great,great….. and then some….uncles founded Ft. Parker in Texas. (My maiden name is Parker) So i always have a bit of interest in Texas history. Thanks. That yarn is going to be gorgeous. Thank Miss Overlord for her contribution also.


I love to listen to you spin your tales. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few Rangers. They are special people.
God Bless Texas and keep her LEOs safe.