Night Time Knitting


As promised, this observer has returned for further study of the habits of one particular Yarn-File. This time we found her knitting alone, in the dead of night. Yes at a time when all self-respecting taxpayers are asleep in their beds and all adventurous party-goers are into their 5th cocktail, our subject is sitting on her porch with a candle, a cup of coffee, and her knitting.

Let’s check in.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Good evening, errrr, I mean good morning.

Subject J: Is it morning?

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Technically.

Subject J: G’morning then.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Having difficulty sleeping?

Subject J: Nope. Just woke up from 6 hours actually. My schedule is kind of messed up.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Ahh. That’s good. Healthy sleeping habits are important.

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist: So is being awake when everyone else is awake.

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist: So that one can interact with other people and form healthy relationships.

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Hello?

Subject J: Sorry. I had dropped a stitch there. What were you saying?

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Nothing. Forget it.

Subject J:Kay.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: So. You’re just-now-awake and knitting by candlelight?

Subject J: Not really. I mean yes, I’m just-now-awake. And yes I have a candle. But I also have the porch light on and its pretty bright out here from all the outdoor flood lights. The candle is just for ambiance I guess. But I’d never knit by just candlelight.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: No?

Subject J: Oh no. That’s a good way to ruin your eyes.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I see.

Subject J: And if I ruined my eyes I couldn’t knit.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I see. So. What made you come out here to the porch? Are you subconsciously seeking the company of your neighbors?

Subject J: Nah. Its just nice out here. 

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I see.

Subject J: I like the sounds of the night insects and the rushing of the…

Completely Impartial Sociologist: The rushing of your life slipping past you?

Subject J: What? My life is doing what now?

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Nothing. Forget it. You were saying? You enjoy “the rushing of the…”?

Subject J: Well I was going to say the wind, but that’s not wind out there making that sound. Its the traffic on the interstate a few miles away. But still its relaxing once you get used to it.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I see.

Subject J: Plus its nice and cool out here at night. 

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Its 87 degrees.

Subject J: Exactly! Nice and cool! Oh. Well. I’m cold natured. High eighties is just perfect for me. 

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I see.

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist:

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Jenn?

Subject J: Yeah?

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Why are you really out here?

Subject J: What do you mean?

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Are you really out here in the dead of night because you like sitting under electric flood lights with the bugs while listening to the interstate in 87 degree weather?

Subject J: …maybe.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Is there perhaps another reason you are up at this hour compulsively knitting? 

Subject J: …maybe.

Completely Impartial Sociologist: I thought so. What would that reason be?

Subject J: …

Completely Impartial Sociologist: Jenn?

Subject J: <sigh> Its just that if I can get though this color section then I get to start on the purple. 

Completely Impartial Sociologist: The… purple.

Subject J: Oh yes. I’ve really been looking forward to the purple part of this knit. Just love purple. So I thought I get up a little bit early and-

Completely Impartial Sociologist: little bit early?!

Subject J: -and finish off this green. What? Is that weird? 

Completely Impartial Sociologist: <sigh> No dear, not at all. Enjoy the rest of your evening. I mean morning. 

Subject J: Kay. Bye. 

night knits

Subject J may have Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. Or she may have an addictive personality. Or she may just really like purple. I think further study will be required.

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Ahhh – the validation of knowing you’re not alone in all of that… Priceless!!
It’s ALL about the Purple, anyway.


I have done the same thing many a times…. getting up in the middle of the night to finish a section of one color so I can start a new one! I Love Purple so would be right there with you to get started on the purple!!!!


What are you knitting?


I must not be a “real” knitter, I don’t get up from sleep for anything like that…only to get ready for work or appointments. But if your family doesn’t mind, why should anyone else? Love to see what you’re working on.

Ah! I’m not alone! The ” one more row, one more section, almost done with this ball so I’ll just finish it……” in crochet or knitting is the equivalent of the ” one more paragraph, page, chapter, I’m almost to the end so I’ll just stay up and finish it” book obsession! I’m afflicted with both so you’ll find me up at strange hours when the rest of the world (more sensible than I) is abed, soundly asleep. My hubs used to say that I missed the best part of the day (dawn, according to Himself) due to my messed… Read more »