A Finished Off Fibonacci


So I finished something this week. Something knitted. Something knitted with Fibonacci numbers even.

Want to see it? Well, you can’t. That is you can’t see it very well because I haven’t been able to get any decent pictures of it. One of the banes on my existence as a budding knitwear designer is the modeling phase. In this age of selfies and instagram and an entire generation that believes the person with the best facebook profile picture wins at life, you would think I could find a decent photographer on any street corner. And you would be wrong. You might also think that I could find volunteers willing to wear my knitting and thereby freeing me up to be the photographer. Again you would be wrong.

I’m cranky.

I have this pretty cool scarf thingy that I’m dying to show off and that picture above, that cruddy picture that doesn’t even show the whole scarf? Its the one I have that is even in focus. I’ll have you know that to get this practically useless picture taken I had to wait for people to come back from lunch, offer a food bribe, and then wait not-so-patiently in an office for about thirty minutes.

I’m frustrated.

But I will persist. I always do. Any success I have managed to accumulate in life seems to come from persistence. I can be a stubborn little cuss when it comes to getting something I want. There will be decent pictures of this scarf thingy

…which is a pretty neat but super simple knit that uses the Fibonacci number sequence to create an asymmetric shape…

and when I have them I’ll rush right here to show what it looks like. Also I’ll have the (free) pattern for any knitters out there who want to be Fibonacci fashionable.

I’m tenacious.

I will get decent pictures. I know a certain someone who comes back to town on Monday and she takes great pictures. She won’t make me wait until she gets back from lunch and she won’t require a food bribe (or any other kind of offering) and she will even fuss with my ridiculous hair until it looks somewhat respectable before pointing a camera at me.

Until she comes back we have to wait. Yeah, I know. I really suck at waiting too.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Fibonacci is fun. Did a couple of scarves using that math sequence and felt so proud to have mastered it. The balance is so perfect–don’t think you can make a mistake with it. What I haven’t figured out yet, and truth be told haven’t tried, is the circular increases. I understand that the sequence defines the winding of conch shells, for example, and flower buds and all kinds of nature’s beauties.


You may be able to set up your phone using a timer for a photograph. If all else fails lay it out on a table and photograph it flat :). Can’t wait to see the pattern. I know nothing about this method.

I know the frustration of not getting a good picture. Years ago I had a small fortune invested in good old fashion camera equipment. The kind with real glass lens. Then the switch came to digital. Did the brand of camera stuff I already had come out with adapters for the new camera line? Oh No! Can’t do that! Make them buy it all over again. So I didn’t .I went out and bought a mid level camera. The kind that you can’t see the screen in the sun. Haven’t been able to take a decent picture yet. Hang in… Read more »

I’m with you on the picture problem. From the pic you shared it looks gorgeous. I anxiously await a better shot and of course the pattern!


One knit club in the area meets at a local college in the Fashion Department. There are mannequins available, always ready to wear any garment 😉 I can get much better pictures using my “silent models”.