Devotion – a free knit pattern

Devotion - free knit pattern

I’ve been knitting and knitting and I was up against a deadline but… I made it. My wrap-around shawl is done in time for the local Hill Country Yarn Crawl where it is destined to be a free give-away pattern. I hope that it brings a smile to many yarn crawlers and my friend at Noti Yarn hopes it will encourage those yarn crawlers to buy her yarn.

But of course the pattern is not just for yarn crawlers! Oh no. Its my pattern and I give all my patterns to my readers. So here is Devotion, for any who are in the mood to knit a super easy two-color wrap.

Devotion – a free knit pattern

Devotion is a wrap-around shawl created to show off the matching-made easy colors created by my closest friend, the maker of Noti Yarns. I’ve been in love with her colors since the very beginning. I was there to see the first skeins come off her dyeing table and I’m very happy that she’s sharing her efforts with the world. So here is my contribution: an easy knit shawl. Just pick any two colors!

Devotion is a triangle, quite a long triangle. After blocking it measures 6 feet (1.8 meters) in length. You start at the small end with three stitches. The wrap grows by one stitch every other row.

devotion - free knit wrap pattern

To make the wrap you’ll need: 

  • the Yarn: two skeins of fingering weight yarn. I used Exuberant (Color A) and Wisdom (Color B).
  • the Needle: I used a 36 inch long Size 8 (5mm) needle


Abbreviations & Symbols

  • k = knit
  • kfb = knit into both the front and back loop of the next stitch (an increase)
  • YO = yarn Over (and increase)
  • k2tog = knit the next 2 stitches together (a decrease)


Cast on 3 stitches

This wrap is made by repeated sections of garter stitch and sections of open-work mesh. In mine, all garter stitch sections are made with Color A and all open work sections are made with Color B.


The garter stitch sections are made by repeating these two rows:

Row 1 (RS): k1, Kfb, k to end

Row 2 (WS): k1, k2tog, k to one st before the end, kfb


The open-work sections (always begin these when you have an even number of stitches on your needle) are made by repeating these four rows:

Row 1: k1, kfb, k1 *YO, k2tog* until 1 st left, k1

Row 2: k1, k2tog, k1,*YO, k2tog* until 1 st left, kfb

Row 3: k1, kfb, k1 *YO, k2tog* to end

Row 4: k1, k2tog, *YO, k2tog* until 1 st left, kfb


You can use these sections to knit a wrap of your own creation, combining sections until your wrap is long enough to suit you.

Or you can follow my template:

  • With Color A, work 37 repeats of garter stitch rows (40 sts)
  • With Color B, work 2 repeats of open-work rows (44 sts)
  • With Color A, work 2 repeats of garter stitch rows (46 sts)
  • With Color B, work 4 repeats of open-work rows (54 sts)
  • With Color A, work 20 repeats of garter stitch rows (74 sts)
  • With Color B, work 10 repeats of open-work rows (94 sts)
  • With Color A, work 6 repeats of garter stitch rows (100 sts)
  • With Color B, work 1 repeat of open-work rows (102 sts)
  • With Color A, work 28 repeats of garter stitch rows (130 sts)


Bind off loosely and enjoy!

To anyone who is wondering how they would get some Noti Yarn:

Currently its only carried by The Sated Sheep, a local yarn store in Dripping Springs Texas. You can visit the Noti Yarn website and check out all the colorways but… you can’t order through the website.

I know. That isn’t right at all. My friend and super-talented dyer of yarn deserves to be taken out back and beaten for making her yarn so difficult to get. I have told her exactly that. But until she gets with the times and opens an online store, your options are limited to

a) calling The Sated Sheep at 512-829-4607 and asking them to ship to you. And they probably will. The shop is literally right next door to the local UPS store.


b) contacting Noti Yarns directly through the contact page and letting her know what you want.


In the meantime I’ll be administering regular beatings until that online store is up. Just doing my part to keep my fellow yarn addicts supplied in yummy yarn!

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Cindy C

Thank you Jenn! I’m starting it as soon as I turn off my computer!


Thank You Jenn. This is just lovely and it looks so easy. I love that it only takes 2 skeins. That makes it affordable to boot. .
Yes, your friend is very talented and very very mean. She has been teasing us for months with her eye popping yarn and Still no online ordering system. So sure, beat her, but not very hard or long. We can’t get the yarn if she is bruised.
On second thought, maybe just nag.


Lovely! The colors sure make the work more outstanding, which it doesn’t really need. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I have a list of projects as long as my arm that will have to wait for AT LEAST 3 months for me to work on because my wrist is imprisoned in a full-time brace by doctor’s orders. But if it helps and makes the whole thing heal, I’ll be knitting a lot!


Hang in there Shirley. I didn’t let the doc operate on my broken wrist and now I have 3 numb fingers. And do the rehab when the time comes.


Definitely hang in there, Shirley. I had one of those for several months. Discovered that the shorter dpns fit nicely into the top of the brace, so if you can wiggle your fingers, you can still knit, slowly,

Healing thoughts!


Gorgeous, darling, and worth all the aggro. I see what you did, all clevver and all — the visual weight of the multicolor, in a more dense stitch, mainly placed by working last along what will wear as the outer edge — smart, wicked smart. I don’t care if this was your most recent eee-vil plan to take over the world, or you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “huh that wacky hooker is right, but I didn’t do that consciously.” Because you did it! Yay!


She’s good, isn’t she? And getting better with every design.


Thank you!! I can’t wait to start this one!! It is beautiful!!!!! 😃😃