Sock-A-Long: Knitting the Foot is Like Freaking Boring


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Sock-A-Long: Knitting the Foot is Like Freaking Boring


I’m not going to lie to you. I won’t try to inject any false enthusiasm into this post. You are a grown-up who plays with yarn and I think you can handle the naked truth.

Knitting the foot of a sock is freaking boring. By the time you have knitted the leg, the heel flap, and turned the heel, all the magic is gone. You know what you are doing, you don’t need to check the pattern anymore, and you just want your socks to be freaking done already.

That’s where I am in my knitting of these Cirque Socks (free pattern by The Sexy Knitter and you can grab your copy right here). For here on out its just a round followed by another round followed by 4,593 more rounds. I’m just slogging my way through to the toe and there is really only one thing motivating me to keep at going: the weather really sucks and its only going to get worse.

Here in Austin winter finally found us. It found the rest of North America too and I’m perfectly aware of that. Most of North America is getting far more, far suckier weather than Austin and I’m perfectly aware of that too. There is snow on the ground in Chicago. There is snow on the ground in Hawaii for Heaven’s sake. And no, there is no snow on the ground in Austin just rain and wind and yucky dark days.

Doesn’t matter. I don’t do well in the cold. Why do you think I have all this knitting? Let me tell ya, without all my warm woolies this would be me:

That's Jack Nickelson at the end of The Shining, btw. Its his
That’s Jack Nickolson at the end of The Shining, btw. Its his “I died a psychotic lunatic” face I guess.

So I’m motivated. You did see in my local weather forecast that I have a night coming up which will be below freezing right? I’m very motivated. I’ll be over here knitting these pretty but now quite boring socks as fast as I can.

For those of you who live in places where below freezing and snow happens all the time I want to say:

a) stay warm and stay safe

b) are you crazy? You do know that there is plenty of room down here in Texas don’t you?

c) stay inside and play with yarn. Watch Netflix and drink lots of coffee.

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I feel ya about the cold. Our high on Wednesday here in Wyoming is supposed to be 12 degrees. I hate this cold and wish I would have never left Florida! LOL Stay warm Jen!! Those look like nice warm socks! You are almost done!!! πŸ™‚


Oh! My Wyoming!
Okay. I’ll shut up about my 31 and freezing rain on Thursday. I already have tons on warm woolies on and the front isn’t even here yet. I get cold looking at the forecast.


I really do understand your dislike of cold, Jenn. It is -19C (-2.2F) here in Southern Alberta right now and the wind chill is making it feel like -27C (-16F) and the temps are scheduled to drop even more over night. I definitely would like to stay inside till spring and just knit, but employment requires me to venture forth into the cold white wilderness on a daily basis. Stay safe and warm and knit on!


What, you don’t consider the toes and finishing up something to look forward to??? The knee socks I made were a long project (no pun intended)and I was very glad to be finished, but the toe shaping was more fun than the boring of plain foot…nothing as pretty as these.Worse yet, I did one at a time, not knowing better yet.


the closer to the toe, the sweeter the sock! my thumb joint gave out and i’m back in my brace so am reading and browsing my patterns for my next pair. btw … texas may be warm, but it’s flat. alaska isn’t!


Jenn, I just found your website and love your sock-a-long notes. My only dilemma in knitting socks is that most patterns are written for mid-calf height and I want/need knee socks. If I’m doing toe-up, not a problem; I can always switch to a larger needle to give more space to the calf. All of those yummy patterns — like this one — that are written from top-down stump me; I don’t know how to elongate and make a larger calf while keeping the bottom of the pattern normal sized. Any suggestions?